Student Visa

Extension of a visa in Russian Federation
During the term of study the student visa can be extended in the Russian Federation, and the multiple-entry visa can be also registered, which is valid through the end of the academic year and provides the right to enter the Russian Federation and leave the country unlimited number of times. Please note that you can extend only a single entry visa. Double entry visa can not be extended on the territory of the Russian Federation. This means that if you make a double entry visa, at the end of its term (90 days) you have to leave the country and validate  a new one.

The Office of International Affairs of MSUPE helps foreign students with the multiple-entry visa. To do this, one must provide the following documents:
• copies of passport, visa and migration card
• 1 photo 3×4 cm (black and white or colour on mat paper)
• the detachable voucher of the migration control form (the counterfoil of the migration registration on the territory of the Russian Federation)
• 1600 rubles to pay the state fee for visa extension
• the form of standard pattern with your signature

Migration registration

Extension of migration registration

A foreign citizen, continuing training is required to arrive at the department 2 weeks before the expiry of the migration control validity and provide the documents listed above for its extension, plus a detachable part of the notification of migration registration.

• extract from the order of enrolment / transfer to the next course
• a copy of the studying contract with MSUPE
• Passport / foreign passport
• visa (for visa regime)
• migration card with border control mark of entry into the Russian Federation

A foreign citizen, who hasn’t prolonged his registration in time is considered as staying illegally on the territory of the Russian Federation and shall be personally liable according to the legal system of the Russian Federation.

Please note that in case of moving around the Russian Federation and of the migration registration in other cities (for example, if you stayed in hotels and staff has given you the detachable part of the notification in another city) you need to contact the Department of International Affairs after returning to Moscow (within 2 days of arrival) with a new registration process.

In addition after the extension of the visa the registration process is renewed.


We would like you to take seriously the question of the availability of valid documents. When checking the documents you need to provide them to the law enforcement officers (police):
• national passport with a valid visa (for visa countries);
• migration card with a note of crossing the border;
• the detachable part of the notification blank of arrival with a note of the territorial institution of the Federal Migration Service of the statement on the migratory account.

The Staff of The Office of International Affairs helps with solving the migration control and extension of training visa issues.

Other stay details

Medical insurance
Foreign students are required to purchase the supplementary health insurance at their own expense. The Sector for work with foreign students can advise you about suitable medical offices.

MSUPE does not own a dorm, but helps to get a place in partner organizations and shares information about other types of accommodation. The Sector for work with foreign students is here to help.

Administrative building
The address of the main building of MSUPE: 29, Sretenka str., Moscow.
Directions: The “Suharevskaya” metro station, walk toward the exit from the underground and then turn left, pass McDonald’s by and go through the arch.

All students have public transport fare privileges. Travel document (student social card) is issued on the basis of student card. The card is produced for free. Producing the travel document takes some days.

In the university a favorable and safe environment for students is created in all academic buildings on each territory. There is a check-point on the territory of the university. There are courts and playing fields and there is also the access to the Internet resources.

MSUPE has been working actively at the safe learning environment support, assisting in the socio-psychological adaptation of foreign students to the life in the city, and also conducting psychological and educational support to each student. The results of our work influence positively the psychological climate and the student environment in general.