Social Psychology

The Faculty of Social Psychology was established in 1997. It is the first educational structure that prepares social psychologists on the basis of the separate faculty. The aim of the faculty is a preparation of graduated social psychologists for the Moscow system of education, social sphere, governmental and private organizations.

The founder of the Faculty is Michael Jurievich Kondrat’ev, doctor of psychology, professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education. Laureate of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education for the development and implementation of the original model «System of psycho-social development of the capital’s education». Laureate of the prize of the Presidium of the USSR APS for participation in the preparation of the monograph «The Psychology of developing personality.»

Currently Acting Dean of the Faculty — Marinova Tatiana, PhD, Associate Professor.

The faculty is the successor of the scientific school of аacademician Arthur V. Petrovsky.

Departments of the faculty «Social Psychology»:
• Department of «Theoretical foundations of social psychology». Head of the department — Krushelnitskaya Olga
• Department of «Psychology of administration». Head of the department — Pogodina Alla V.
• Department of «Social psychology of development». Head of the department – Tolstih Natalia N.
• Department of «Ethno-psychological and psychological problems of polycultural education». Head of the department — Huhlaev Oleg E.

Educational program: Psychology

Degrees: Bachelour degree (Psychology 37.03.01) (duration — 4 years), speciality «Modern Social Psychology«
forms of education: full-time (budget / extrabudgetary); part-time (budget / extrabudgetary)

Masted degree (37.04.01 Psychology) (duration – 2 years), programs:

  • «Social Psychology» (Supervisor — Doctor of Psychology, Professor M.E. Sachkova); form of study: full-time (budget/extrabudgetary)
  • «Practical ethnopsychology for Education» (Supervisor — Doctor of Education, Ph.D., Associate Professor O.E. Huhlaev); Form of study: full-time (budget / extrabudgetary)
  • «Organizational Psychology» (Supervisor — Ph.D., Associate Professor A.V. Pogodina); Form of study: full-time (extrabudgetary)

Master (44.04.02 Psycho-pedagogical education) (duration — 2 years), programs:

  • «Social Psychology of Education» (Supervisor — Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor M.E. Sachkova); Form of study: full-time (budget / extrabudgetary)
  • «Traffic Psychology» (Supervisor – PhD, Associate Professor T.V. Kochetova); Form of study: full-time (budget / extrabudgetary).

Master (44.04.02 Psycho-pedagogical education) programs:

  • «Psycho-pedagogical counseling of the family» (Supervisor — Ph.D., Associate Professor V.A. Orlov); Study mode: Distance (extrabudgetary)
  • «Psychology of intercultural communication in education» (Supervisor — Ph.D., Associate Professor O.E. Huhlaev); Study mode: Distance (extrabudgetary)

PhD degree
Speciality: «Social Psychology» (19.00.05) forms of education: full-time (duration — 3 years); part-time (duration — 4 years)
Our graduates work as:
• Practical psychologists in the sphere of socio-psychological services
• School psychologists
• Driving-school psychologists
• Consultants in socio-rehabilitation centres
• Consultants on the issues of the organizational development, business, management and advertising in banks and trade companies.
• HR managers (selection and optimal allocation of personnel, monitoring of their professional growth, creation of favorable interpersonal relationships in the team, and so on.);
• Experts in the field of cross-cultural communication and learning; consultants in the media on the formation of public opinion.

Main research directions

Social and psychological means of solving actual problems of education, childhood and social sphere.

Interaction with adults and peers as a resource for cognitive and personal development of children and adolescents with special educational needs.

Social-psychological analysis of traffic participants’behaviour,drivingstylesandstrategies, psychology of conflicts in road-traffic, training and teaching Psychology at driving-schools.

Philosophical, historical, socio-political and cultural base of improving youth policy in modern Russia.

The image of a professional future for modern students.

Optimization technology of intercultural interaction from the integration of migrants to the cultural-oriented psychological help.

Disciplines / courses, that may be taught in a foreign language
Associate Professor Chibisova Marina Y.
Counseling in cross-cultural environment
Historical Psychology
Applied Psychology in the cross-cultural aspect
Consultative technologies: Cross-cultural dimension Intercultural Communication in English
Cross-cultural psychological help technologies
Intercultural communication in professional interaction
Methods of diagnosis and research in ethnopsychology
Associate Professor Kharchenko Maxim A.
Training effectiveness of the management team
Work Psychology, engineering psychology and ergonomics
Planning and conducting psychological research
Research of psychological and pedagogical direction
Management Psychology in Education

International joint educational programs / programs with international participation
Speciality 44.04.02 Psycho-pedagogical education, master’s program «Social Psychology of Education,» Professor G. Henning.

Priority directions of international projects of the Faculty
1) development of academic mobility of students;
2) exchange of teachers;
3) attraction of foreign students;
4) joint scientific research;
5) The study of foreign languages by students and faculty members;
6) The establishment of joint educational programs (list directions: Master’s programs).

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