MSUPE during COVID-19 pandemiс

2020 was the year that showed how ready we are to overcome unexpected challenges, work in new formats, support those who need it at a difficult moment.

The life of the university changed during the pandemic – all necessary measures were taken to protect students and staff from infection, to maintain the quality and continuity of education in any conditions, to help people adapt to the new reality.

Despite circumstances, life at MSUPE was full of events. We have gained new experience, started new educational, scientific, social, international projects. Our university continues to develop actively.

Despite Covid-19:

  • The educational process at MSUPE has been successfully transferred to a distance format: more than half of the students and teachers of the university are satisfied with learning/teaching online (51.9% – positive impression, 23.6% – neutral).
  • 83% of international students who stayed in a student hotel during the pandemic received financial assistance from MSUPE.
  • The University organized and conducted 30 all-Russian webinars on psychological and pedagogical assistance for children and their parents: 20,000 participants from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation
  • From March to December 2020. The “Children Helpline” of MSUPE Center for Emergency Psychological Assistance received about 35,000 calls.
  • 10 schools, 320 students participated in the project activities of the Center for Vocational Guidance and Pre-university Education “PRO PSY” of MSUPE, 50 project works were prepared.
  • 2020 admission campaign was conducted online: more than 7000 applications were processed. More than 200 acknowledgments were received from applicants and their parents.
  • The growth of the average USE score of applicants to MSUPE has reached 7.7 points over the past 4 years.
  • The competition at MSUPE has reached the value of 9 people per place – over the past 4 years, the competition has increased by almost 200 %.
  • On (LMS Moodle) 3509 e-learning courses have been created. 80 public online courses (MOOS) have been developed. 27 video courses of 307 hours were recorded.
  • The library of MSUPE reached more than 63,000 titles, more than 280,000 copies of paper books.
  • According to the results of the competition of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in 2020, the readers of the MSUPE library got the opportunity to use 9 key international resources as part of a National Subscription.
  • 85.9% of graduates of MSUPE in 2019 and 85.6% of graduates in 2020 were employed.
  • From August to October 2020, 5,022 people from all 85 regions of Russia completed an online training program under the project “Ticket to the Future” of the Union “Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia)”.
  • The volume of MSUPE projects funded by Russian scientific foundations has tripled over the past three years.
  • 15,000 people took part in the scientific conferences of MSUPE.
  • MSUPE employees have published more than 1,300 scientific articles: 145 papers in the Web of Science Core Collection, 105 in Scopus, 376 in the journals of the HAC list. According to the Hirsch index of the RSCI organization, the university took the 44th position among 808 higher educational institutions of Russia.
  • The MSUPE journal “Psychological Science and Education” keeps the first place among 130 Russian journals in the field of “Psychology” and the third place among 277 journals in the field of “Public Education. Pedagogy” (Science Index, RSCI).
  • 8 MSUPE journals are in the TOP 30 of the Science Index (RSCI) rating in the field of “Psychology” (out of 130 journals).
  • Students from 25 countries of near and far abroad enrolled in MSUPE: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Vietnam, Chile, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Serbia, Syria, USA, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and others.
  • The program of the International Summer University for Young Scientists ISCAR was organized and conducted, for the first time in online format: 26 professors and 37 graduate students from leading universities of the world from 16 countries participated – Australia, Great Britain, Greece, Georgia, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Norway, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Sweden.
  • The XIX All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Researchers of Education “Evidence-based approach in the field of education” was held (MSUPE, ERA in cooperation with WERA and EERA: more than 1,200 specialists from 130 universities, including 25 pedagogical universities of the Russian Federation participated).
  • The number of MSUPE students who took part in volunteer and social initiatives in Moscow amounted to 450 people, more than 30 non-profit and state organizations of the social sphere of the capital were involved in cooperation.
  • The MSUPE donor Movement held more than 25 field events, in which more than 200 donors participated.
  • FRC MSUPE held 4 All-Russian events – 2 online seminars and 2 webinars. Participants – 4,117 people from 74 regions of the Russian Federation, 9 countries.
  • The number of partner universities of the RMC MSUPE has increased to 33.
  • According to the openness rating (certificate of independent evaluation) of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the openness and accessibility of information of MSUPE in 2020 is 98.18%
  • The number of mentions of MSUPE in the media in 2020 is 9,921.