MSUPE celebrates the 20th anniversary





The history of MSUPE goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the first research and educational psychological institute was founded in Russia (at that time, the third in the world), today it is the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education. At that time the founder of the Psychological Institute Georgy Chelpanov formulated the idea of ​​integrating academic science and university education. It formed the basis for creating in 1997 the first International Educational and Psychological College in the structure of PI RAO, and then – the Moscow City Institute of Psychology & Education that developed to Moscow State University of Psychology & Education that we know nowdays.

More about MSUPE history & achievements here.

Mission of the university

MSUPE is the first psychological university in Russia. Professors are a unique community of practicing experts in the most diverse branches of psychology – from legal to clinical. MSUPE specialists coordinate the work of psychologists in social institutions in Moscow, supervise the service of practical psychology of education in Moscow, create unique projects.

Professors and staff of the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education are guided in their work by a demonstrative approach. They make decisions about using methods of working with people only on the basis of the results of competently planned and conducted research. For this purpose, the University constantly creates and updates knowledge bases about social practices with proven effectiveness, which can be used by a specialist.

MSUPE is a university for people who are not indifferent. Professors and students are ready to change the life of society for the better. The doors of the university are always open for students with special needs, the friendly and accessible educational environment of MSUPE fits every student.

The University seeks to ensure that the education that students receive is not confined to specific professional competencies. It is important that students develop scientific thinking and their own trajectory of personal development in accordance with their interests and plans for the future.


Greetings from foreign partners


Warm words from international students

Students from Italy (exchange students from the university of Urbino & “Sapienza” university of Roma)

Students from Armenia (exchange students from Armenian State Pedagogical University)



A number of MSUPE Anniversary activities were held in 2017 & were devoted to the following themes:

  • Educational research
  • Psychologist at school
  • Cultural-historical psychology
  • Special education
  • The game environment
  • Inclusive education
  • Deviant behavior
  • Prevention of suicides
  • A virtual reality
  • Assistance of orphans
  • Psychology of giftedness
  • Children in the informational society
  • Socially unprotected persons
  • Legal psychology of childhood
  • Autism: assistance and support
  • National Strategy on Childhood
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