Library & electronic resources

MSUPE Fundamental Library

MSUPE Library Fund is completed with publications that provide support of educational, research and practical activities of students and university staff.

The central place of the Fund is occupied by books on psychology and pedagogy, both in Russian and foreign languages. There is literature on general humanities and natural sciences, periodicals and reference encyclopedias.

Fundamental Library of MSUPE is:

  • about 300 000 items and this amount constantly grows by addition of editions, both in traditional paper format and in electronic one;
  • own digital library with multi-level access system. The portal ru has already published about 2000 electronic documents including books, theses, brochures, articles, and multimedia manuals. For the usage in  the local network programs and manuals are published as a separate unit in the section “Educational material”;
  • 15 base-collections of scientific journals and monographs in Russian and foreign languages – more than 1 300 000 periodicals, monographs, dissertations are available;
  • library affiliates in all university buildings of MSUPE.

For the convenience of the readers are open:

  • Electronic library of MSUPE (
  • Systematiccatalog
  • Alphabeticaldirectory
  • Electronic full-text library of MSUPE
  • Electronic catalog of the library of MSUPE
  • Electronic resources, access to which is provided for students and staff of MSUPE (online access is provided on all computers of MSUPE)

The library includes:

  • Department of acquisition, scientific processing and directories
  • Department of logistics and computerization
  • Department of maintenance and storage of funds
  • Department of reference, bibliographic, informational and methodical work
  • Abstract-analytical sector

Contact Information

Moscow, St. Sretenka,29, office. 104-107;
Moscow, Shelepihinskaya emb., 2A, building 3, office. 102, 104-108;
Moscow, Otkrytoye highway, 24, building 27, office 412;
Moscow, Rublyovo, Str. VasilyBotyleva, 31, office 203. Academic Psychology Journals Database is included in The Ranking Web of World repositories (CSIC) and occupies 55th  place (as of 2015). Portal of Russian Psychological Publications – is the Russian base of scientific and practical periodicals on a wide range of topical issues of psychological science, practice and education

– More than 60 periodicals
– 26 scientific and scientific-practical journals
– More than 30 collections of articles and abstracts of scientific conferences
– More than 10,000 articles
– 6000 authors
– Upto 7,000 readersvisittheportaldaily

The core of the portal – electronic versions of scientific and scientific-practical journals of SBEI HPE MSUPE Publishing with complete archival collection of articles for more than 20 year period of publications – the knowledge base of leading scientific psychological schools.