Distant Learning

Distance learning in the direction of «Psychology» is a new form of obtaining higher psychological education on the basis of modern information and communication technologies.

Advantages of the Faculty of Distance Learning

The educational process at the Faculty is organized with adjustment to the features of training as of those who have just graduated from high school, as for adults whose time is entirely subordinated to their work. It is based on a combination of classroom instruction, independent work of students and classes with the usage of Internet technologies, held in interactive mode.

Full-time classroom training, specially organized for students of the Faculty, is held in the evening time during the week and on Saturdays (with the possibility of visiting lectures of all forms of education at the University).

Online broadcast are organized for those who cannot attend full time courses, during which every student can not only watch and listen, but actively participate in the discussion using text chat (written messages). Audio online broadcasts are also available on the website of the Faculty.
There are additional online consultations with teachers for clarification of specific topics of the studied discipline.
The educational process is organized and conducted by electronic dean’s office, where every student has a virtual personal account, where students have individual curriculum for the current semester and where they get tests, send completed works, find teachers reviews and results of their works, communicate with the dean’s office and receive information relating to the educational process.
Students of the DL faculty are fully provided with the necessary materials for all educational disciplines: electronic textbooks, textbooks, multimedia sources, information and reference sources (dictionaries and internet resources), interactive tests (as a simulator for self-examination and self-control) and other materials.
The set of materials for the semester also includes video lectures on basic psychological and related to psychology disciplines and videos on psychodiagnostics, professional consultation, remedial and developmental techniques. These video materials are specially developed for the students of the Faculty by leading university professors and researchers of the Psychological Institute of RAS.
The schedule of tests and exams is flexible.

In March 2007, in the framework of the priority national project «Education» MSUPE was among the winners of the contest of innovative higher educational establishments (Innovative education program «Formation of the system of psychological education in the University as a basic resource center of practical psychology»). 267 applications from Russian universities were submitted. And after the secret ballot 40 institutions were recognized as the best.

In September 2009, for achievements in the development and implementation of innovative technologies, Diploma of the 11th All-Russian Forum «Educational Environment — 2009» was awarded to the DL faculty by the Federal Agency for Education «For the development and demonstration of projects aimed at the modernization of the Russian education.»

In June 2010, at the 7th Moscow International Exhibition and Conference on e-Learning «ElearnExpo 2010″ MSUPE was represented by the DL faculty that was recognized as the best among the universities and educational institutions of Russia and won the main prize in the nomination «The best solution to e-Learning in universities and training centers. «

International cooperation

Foreign partners of the University and DL faculty are: Open University of Israel, Open University of the Netherlands, the University of Lüneburg (Germany), the Third University of Rome (Italy), Plovdiv University «Paisii Hilendarski» (Bulgaria), and others. With the Open University of Israel and the Higher School of Psychology and Management (Riga, Latvia) the Faculty is developing a joint project with the subsequent issuance of two diplomas.

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