Counseling & Clinical Psychology

The Faculty of Counseling and Clinical Psychology trains specialists for individual and group counseling psychological assistance to children, adolescents, and adults at critical life situations in their personal, family, educational, professional life, or suffering from emotional disorders, various forms of addiction and other mental disorders. At the Faculty traditional academic methods of education are combined with video training, supervision and workshops under the guidance of famous psychologists and psychotherapists. Education involves personal experience of the student, hisher individual characteristics and values in forming a unique personal style of counseling. The study of fundamental philosophical, cultural, psychological and clinical aspects of psychotherapy is supplemented by practice in clinical bases of MSUPE (psychological centers, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, hotlines, etc..).

The Faculty is part of MSUPE since its foundation and it is the first faculty in the country that started to train specialists in psychological counseling — professionals who are able to provide psychological help to people in different areas of public life — from education to medicine and business. After the introduction of a separate specialty «Clinical Psychology» in 2004, the Faculty was the first in the University to start training clinical psychologists.

Education. The Faculty offers programs of higher education (bachelor, specialist, master, second degree, postgraduate) and advanced training programs.

Directions of preparation and specialties:
• 37.03.01 Psychology, qualification «Bachelor», profile – Psychological Counseling (full-time (on the basis of secondary education) and part-time (on the basis of higher education), 4-year training period)
• 37.05.01 Clinical psychology, qualification «Clinical psychologist», specialization pathopsychological diagnosis and psychotherapy (in clinical, psychological and pedagogical practices) (full-time (on the basis of secondary education) and part-time (on the basis of higher education) , 5.5-year training period)
• 37.04.01 Psychology, qualification «Master», master program – Counseling Psychology, child and family therapy (full-time education, 2-year training period)
• 030300.62 Psychology, qualification «Bachelor», profile «Counselling» (full-time, 4-year training period, part-time with reduced training period – 3 years)
• 030401.65 Clinical psychology, qualification «Specialist», specialization «Pathopsychological diagnostics and psychotherapy (in clinical and psycho-pedagogical practice)» (full-time, 5,5 – year training period, part-time form of education for persons with higher education, 5.5-years training period with the possibility of passing an accelerated training program)
• 030300.68 Psychology, qualification «Master», Master Program — Counseling Psychology, child and family therapy (full-time education, 2-year training period)

The Faculty also trains post-graduate students in the direction of training 37.06.01 Psychological Sciences (training of staff of the highest qualification) full-time (3 years) and extramural (4 years) forms of education in scientific specialties:
• 19.00.01 General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology
• 19.00.13 Development psychology, akmeology

For those who want to deepen their knowledge in different areas of counseling and psychotherapy numerous advanced training programs and professional training are availible. The Faculty realizes basic advanced training program of psychological counseling, designed for people with higher psychological education or experience in practical psychological work. The program of advanced training includes psychotherapeutic workshops, after which students receive a certificate of the established form, depending on the amount of hours.

Science. The main strategic task of the Faculty — is the development of original academic research in the field of psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and clinical psychology. «University» science unites research, practice and education in an integrated system, where scientific problems of psychology are solved on the material of studies of psychological practice within the educational process.

Faculty members regularly participate in contests for financial support (grants) for scientific research.

Directions of scientific research developed by the departments of the Faculty:
• The development of psychotechnical traditions of Russian psychology («philosophy of praxis» of L.S. Vygotsky)
• The child and the family in a changing world
• Study of the psychological factors of epidemiologically significant mental disorders (affective spectrum, alcoholism and drug addiction, schizophrenia)

The faculty conducts research in the following areas:
• theoretical and methodological base of psychological assistance to children, families and other members of the educational process
• methodology, theory and technology of consultative and psychological assistance to participants of the educational process
• scientific and methodological basis of clinical and psychological support of the educational process

The Faculty participates in the preparation of the materials for the journal «Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy» (formerly «Moscow Journal of Psychotherapy»), the periodic specialized research and analytical publications on theory, methodology and practice of counseling psychology and psychotherapy. The journal is aimed at professionals in the field of psychotherapy and counseling, as well as at psychologists working in various areas of psychological practice (education, neuropsychiatric clinics and dispensaries, social services, etc.) The journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) and included in the list of leading scientific journals and editions for publishing scientific results of dissertation research.

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