According to the operational headquarters to prevent the importation and spread of the new coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation, now all foreign students are allowed to enter the country, regardless of the direct flight connections with the country from which they are arriving.

We do not recommend arriving in Russia before receiving confirmation from MSUPE.

Before arriving in Russia, it is necessary to notify the Department for work with foreign students at least 10 days in advance ( about the date of entry into Russia.

In addition to standard documents such as an identity document and a visa (if there is a visa regime), you need to get a COVID-19 negative PCR test result. The test must be done no earlier than 3 calendar days (72 hours) before entering the country and is exposed in Russian or English.

When crossing the border, a foreign citizen receives a migration card, which must be kept for the whole period of stay.

The second PCR test is required within 72 hours after entering the territory of Russia. Before receiving the test results, it is necessary to be in self-isolation at the place of stay. During the isolation period, you visit study courses online until receiving a negative result.

Below you can find other key moments related to your arrival:

Student Visa

The process of obtaining a visa

Visa country students have to validate a visa invitation for a study visa registration.
If you are enrolled in MSUPE by the state quota competition, the invitation is sent by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. If you are enrolled on equal terms, the invitation is sent by MSUPE (Sector for Work with Foreign Students).
To do this, one should provide the Sector the following documents and information after passing the entrance examination and enrollment to MSUPE:

• extract from the enrollment order
• a copy of the studying contract with MSUPE
• receipt for education fee for the first half-year (for commercial courses)
• Passport / foreign passport (Validity of the passport should not expire earlier than a year and a half from the date of the intended entry into the Russian Federation)
• state and city of birth
• name and address of the study place abroad and a detailed abroad home address
• the exact date of entry into the Russian Federation
• place of getting visa abroad – a city in which there is a consulate of the Russian Federation

Visa invitation is to be registered within 3 weeks. The term of producing the visa is 7 workdays. The validity duration of the Student visa is 90 days. The student visa may be extended until the end of the learning process in the MSUPE.

Border crossing

Migration card
When you cross a border of the Russian Federation, you fill in the migration card, which confirms the presence on the territory of Russia. Validity of the migration card coincides with the term of validity of the visa. Please note that when crossing Russian border, you need to mention study as a purpose of your stay in a certain section. Only in this case, the university will be able to extend the visa for the required amount of time.

Migration registration
Foreign students have to visit the department of International Affairs after enrollment. Migration registration gives a foreigner the right to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the Federal Law “About Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation” a foreign citizen must provide the Department of International Affairs of MSUPE (hereinafter – Department) (Sretenka street 29, office 224) the following documents within 2 working days from the day of arrival:

• extract from the order of enrolment/transfer to the next course
• a copy of the studying contract with MSUPE
• Passport / foreign passport
• visa (for visa regime)
• migration card with border control mark of entry into the Russian Federation

A foreign citizen, continuing training is required to arrive at the department 2 weeks before the expiry of the migration control validity and provide the documents listed above for its extension, plus a detachable part of the notification of migration registration.

A foreign citizen, who hasn’t prolonged his registration in time is considered as staying illegally on the territory of the Russian Federation and shall be personally liable according to the legal system of the Russian Federation.

Please note that in case of moving around the Russian Federation and of the migration registration in other cities (for example, if you stayed in hotels and staff has given you the detachable part of the notification in another city) you need to contact the Department of International Affairs after returning to Moscow (within 2 days of arrival) with a new registration process.

In addition after the extension of the visa, the registration process is renewed.


We would like you to take seriously the question of the availability of valid documents. When checking the documents you need to provide them to the law enforcement officers (police):
• national passport with a valid visa (for visa countries);
• migration card with a note of crossing the border;
• the detachable part of the notification blank of arrival with a note of the territorial institution of the Federal Migration Service of the statement on the migratory account.

The Staff of The Office of International Affairs helps with solving the migration control and extension of training visa issues.