Advanced Training

The Faculty of Advanced Training functions since 1999 and during this time an efficient system of work was created. Educational programs of the Faculty reflect the latest achievements of science, respond to urgent requests of psychological and pedagogical practices, and are designed according to the latest regulatory documents of Advanced Training. Programs undergo internal and external examination and are approved by the MSUPE Academic Council and the Coordinating Council of Moscow Department of Education.

The aim of the Faculty — is an advanced training and retraining of specialists. Within this overall goal different objectives are set depending on the student’s contingent. For example, work with teachers involves improving their psychological competence. Teachers gain knowledge about the patterns of age-related child development, individual-typical features, personality development in different conditions of training and education, the specificity of acquiring knowledge; they also acquire skills that help them to individualize learning, to create a class or group atmosphere of psychological support, to organize effective communication with students and parents, and to prevent and resolve conflicts. Training of psychologists is aimed at acquiring in-depth knowledge in a certain area and at mastering additional skills (technology). In the list of offered programs there are also ones that cover activities of educational staff in the context of the new GEF.

Types of programs of additional professional education

The Faculty of Advanced Training offers professional retraining programs (over 500 hours) and advanced training programs (18 to 500 hours).

After passing APE program from 18 to 500 hours, it is possible to raise qualification in order to improve professional practice and / or to master new competencies. These programs are called short and usually they are in the form of 36 and 72 hours modules. There are about 60 programs of this type during the academic year. Every year about 1,800 people take such courses.

After graduation from the program of 500 hours or more, the experts get an opportunity to conduct a new activity within the framework of achieved qualifications. When training lasts more than 1,000 hours a specialist gets a new qualification. 11 retraining programs are realized by the Faculty now and every year about 300 people take such courses.

Depending on the duration of training students get the following documents at the end:


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