Colleagues from the West University of Timisoara

A visit of colleagues from the West University of Timisoara in MSUPE under ERASMUS+ training mobility

On May 21, a five-days visit of professors from the West University of Timisoara (WUT, Romania) – prof. Miruna Nachescu and prof. Flavia Barna to MSUPE has started.

The visit of the Romanian colleagues to MSUPE is organized thanks to the international grant support of the Erasmus + program, by which MSUPE annually collaborates with European universities, developing the teacher’s (Erasmus+ teaching mobility), staff (Erasmus+ mobility for training) and students academic mobilities (Erasmus+ credit mobility).

The first day of the program included bilateral presentations of WUT and MSUPE and discussions of projects with foreign partners and the prospects for expanding cooperation.

In the next four days, guests will enjoy a full program of acquaintance with the University, it`s faculties and research centers. The main purpose of this visit is to expand cooperation and establish direct contacts with colleagues interested in joint scientific and educational projects. On May 22, Ms. Nachescu and Ms. Barna will visit the Institute of Foreign Languages, Modern Communication and Management, where working meetings with prof. Anatoly Kirsanov and prof. Irina Dergacheva will be organized, as well as the Faculty of Social Communication.

Also visits to MSUPE research centers (Center for Experimental Research and MEG Center) are planned.

Also within the framework of the visit, the Romanian colleagues will meet MSUPE students and talk about the opportunities for training in the WUT and the prospects for European grant programs for students.

Cooperation with the West University of Timisoara (WUT, Romania)  has been developing since 2016, each semester, MSUPE professors are sent to WUT to give lectures in English to foreign students. Employees of the international service partocipate in professional trainings in WUT and take part in WUT activities aimed at informing the students of Romania about training programs and admission to Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

On behalf of MSUPE Office of international affairs, we express gratitude to faculties and research centers who are involved in the program and wish Mrs. Nachescu and Mrs. Barna productive and inspiring visit!


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