XX All-Russian Conference “Research that improves education”

Bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s, postgraduate students conducting research in education are invited to participate in the conference.
The participants of the conference, who presented the most interesting and significant research results, will receive:

  • travel grants from the Russian Association of Educational Researchers to cover the costs of participation in foreign conferences of educational researchers’ associations European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) and WERA Focal Meeting in 2022;
  • publication mentoring by the editorial boards of leading scientific journals.

The purpose of the conference: creating a space for scientific self-determination and socialization of young researchers, building a promising route for scientific and educational activities.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Presentation of the results and research ideas of the conference participants;
  • Providing of effective scientific reflection and feedback for conference participants;
  • Strengthening the cooperation of young researchers in education, the formation of research
    communities (networks);
  • Informing conference participants about further opportunities for scientific and educational
    development: thematic conferences, regular seminars, summer schools, internships;
  • Getting acquainted with the content of the research master’s and postgraduate programs;
  • Acquaintance with scientific leaders and consultants, formation of mentoring and supervision
  • Self-determination and the choice of a possible further training route for conference
  • Integration into the global education research agenda in education.
  • The Program Committee of the conference includes members of the Scientific Council of the Educational Research Association

Key topics of sections:

1. Psychological research in education
2. Pedagogical research (experience of pedagogical practice and innovations in pedagogical practice)
3. Education management research
4. Research in sociology and philosophy of education
5. Research in preschool childhood and education
6. Research on the development of digital technologies in education
7. Research in the field of measurement in education
8. Research in special psychology and inclusion

More about the Conference: https://myeduconf.ru/en

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