On the April 25-26 at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) leading Russian educators and psychologists discussed the actual problems of the work of school psychological services in the framework of the XIII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Psychology of Education: The teacher-psychologist in the world of school “.

More than 300 representatives of educational organizations, centers of psychological, pedagogical and medico-social support, pedagogical and psychological universities and other specialists took part in the conference. They discussed the approbation and implementation of the professional standard “Teacher-psychologist (psychologist in the field of education)”, professional training of school teachers-psychologists and the organization of the work of the psychological service in the educational system.

Special attention was paid to psychological work with children with problems in development, as well as to the mental health of school children.

“The world of childhood in modern society has faced the new risks. This is the spread among the students of the forms of dangerous “leisure”, as well as the involvement of adolescents in illegal movements, violence against children, bullying and cyberbullying, generated by the digital world. These challenges are a real danger to the lives and health of children, especially to the mental and psychological health. That’s why we, the representatives of the professional community, will have to define strategies and mechanisms to minimize the impact of such risks on children, ” – Vitaly Rubtsov, rector of MSUPE, told the RIA news.

He also noted the relevance of such problems as social and educational inclusion of various categories of children; depressive, suicidal, deviant behavior in adolescents; problems of orphans and children with special needs and disability.

“The request of a childhood for professional help is very high. Teams of adults should protect the younger generation, especially, the experts in the field of education. We need to develop more vigorously the complex of sciences about education, including the psychology of education, pedagogical, social sciences. At the same time, it is increadibly important for work with childhood to be interdepartmental and interdisciplinary, ” – Vitaly Rubtsov said.