Socio-psychological Counseling

Socio-psychological Counseling

Direction: 44.04.02 – Psycho-pedagogical education 

Graduate’s degree (qualification): master

Form of education: full-time

Duration of program: 2 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1 «Theoretical-methodology module»

Philosophy of Education and Science, Scientific schools in the psychology of education, Cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach in education.

Module 2 «Professional interaction»

Organizational psychology in education and social sphere, Normative and legal support of professional activity, Intercultural communication in professional interaction.

Module  3 «Science Research activities and methods of psychological»

Planning and conducting profile psychological and pedagogical research, Science methods and technology of psychological and pedagogical research, Workshop: data processing of psychological and pedagogical research in SPSS.

Module 4 «Subjects of professional activity»

Directions of Psychological Counseling and training, Psychology of orphanhood, Family counseling technologies;

Elective disciplines: Counseling and introduction e of socio-psychological training / Psychological training as a technology of active socio-psychological training, Psychodramatic approach to socio-psychological training / Role games and sociodrama in training, Psychological counseling and training: Rogerian approach / The humanistic approach in psychological counseling and training, Psychological counseling in crisis situations / Counseling in a situation of experiencing psychological trauma, Child-parent interaction in psychological counseling / Advising on child-parent relations, Family counseling in the context of inclusive education / Counseling for families with children with special educational needs.