Social communication
Irina Borisovna Shilina, dean of the Faculty

Master’s degree;
040400 (39.04.02) – Social work (профиль – Social work with different categories of people) Master’s degree;
050400 (44.04.02) – Psychological-educational education (профиль – Psychology and pedagogy of additional education) Master’s degree;
040700 (39.03.03) –Organisation of work with youth (профиль – Socialization of youth: management of youth projects) Bachelor degree;
040400 (39.03.02) – Social work (профиль – Social work in the system of social services) Bachelor degree;
040104.65 – Organisation of work with youth ( specialisation – Socialization of youth: management of youth projects), qualification – specialist of work with youth.

Scientific work of the faculty is aimed at the solving social problems in various spheres of human activity and in various categories of people, including those having social and psychophyseological deviation in development.


For the organization of research work the department of social communication and organization of work with youth possesses highly skilled personnel potential: doctor of historical sciences, professor I.B. Shilina, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor G. P. Ivanova, candidates of pedagogical sciences I.V. Kislova, S.G. Lesnikov, T.A. Mikhaylov, A.Yu. Naumov, S. V. Savenkov, O. G. Fedorov, candidate of sociological sciences I.V. Vekhov, candidate of philosophical sciences D. A. Makarovsky, candidate of geographical sciences N. N. Rogoten and other staff of the department.

The social work and educational activities which are carried out at the faculty are harmoniously combined with the scientific activity, and are directed on formation and development of students’ communicative competence in the process of their participation in various activities of social character, attraction of students to research activities of identification and the solution of social problems, problems of development of sociocultural space and relations between social institutes. The student’s scientific community works at faculty, the volunteer movement is also developed.

Main research directions
• Socialization of various population groups in contemporary society.
• Technologies of organisation ofvsocial activities for children and youth.
• Management of social projects.
• Social Work in the system of social services.
• Resources of social environment and their realisation.
• Social relationships.

Disciplines / courses, that may be taught in a foreign language
Subjects taught at the Department if simultaneous translation is provided:
• Sociocultural factors and problems of modern education;
• The social monitoring

International joint educational programs / programs with international participation
• Ethical foundations of social work;
• Problems of social work with youth;
• Prevention of professional risks in social work;
• Social work with youth in various spheres of life;
• Social Projects: organization and management;
• Cultural and historical environment of Moscow;
• Problems of social work with youth

International events / projects on the Faculty of 2014/2015 year
Scientific and Practical Conference “Research in the social sphere”

Priority directions of international projects of the Faculty
• Development of academic mobility of students;
• Teacher Exchange;
• Attraction of foreign students;
• Joint scientific developments;
• Learning Foreign languages by students and faculty members;
• Establishment of joint educational programs

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