Psychology of safety in education

Psychology of safety in education

Direction: 44.04.02 – Psycho-pedagogical education 

Graduate’s degree (qualification): master

Form of education: full-time

Duration of program: 2 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1 

Philosophy of Education and Science, Scientific schools in the psychology of education, Cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach in education.

Module 2

Psychology of safety,  the Workshop on the design and examination of educational systems, the organization of emergency psychological care in the education system, Psychological prevention of risks and threats to the safety of the educational environment, Prevention of professional burnout in the educational environment, Information and Psychological Safety of the Educational Environment / Psychological Security of the Person in Extreme Situations, Diagnosis and correction of psychological trauma in the conditions of the educational environment / Prevention and correction of self-destructive (auto-aggressive) behavior, Protection of children and adolescents from abuse and violence / Prevention of aggression and violence in the educational environment, Management of conflicts in the educational environment / Psychological influence on the person and its protection from negative influences,  Psychology of negotiations / Psychology of extremism in the youth environment, Psychological well-being and risks in the educational environment / Corrective work with children in the situation of psychological deprivation, Scientific-methodical seminar

Module  3 

Organizational psychology in education and social sphere, normative and legal support of professional activity, intercultural communication in professional interaction, planning and conducting profile psychological and pedagogical research, science methods and technology of psychological and pedagogical research, workshop: data processing of psychological and pedagogical research in SPSS.