Scientific Supervisor: Doctor in psychology, Professor Vitaliy V. Rubtsov

The main directions of scientific research of the scientific school team:

  • Implementation of the activity approach in the university in the psychological and pedagogical direction (international cooperation on the development of the activity approach in education; research on the problems of the activity approach in pedagogy and educational psychology)
  • Psychological and pedagogical foundations of inclusive education
  • The development of theoretical thinking of younger students in the context of educational activities
  • Inclusion of children 6–9 years old with special educational needs in a co-distributed learning environment.

The main achievements of the scientific school:

1. Major efforts and achievements of the scientific school are connected with the Project of modernization of pedagogical education in the field of psycho-pedagogical education. A large group of scientists of MSUPE was involved in this work. Were developed: a research master program “Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education) (V. V. Rubtsov and colleagues); the model of applied Bachelor’s course(primary school teacher) and 5 new modules (A.A. Margolis, V.A. Guruzhapov and colleagues); the main professional educational program for applied Master’s course for educational psychologists (M.A. Egorova and colleagues); approbation of the professional standard of the teacher and improvement of the professional standard of an educational psychologist (Ym. Zabrodin, I.V. Burlakova, M.A. Egorova, L.A. Gajazova).

2. Participation in international educational programs:
• opening of the international master’s program “Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education”. Lectures of professors from from the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Australia;
• opening of the Master’s program with international participation “Social Psychology in Education”. Lectures and seminars by prof. G. Hennig (Germany) on socio-genetic psychology within the framework of the implementation of the programme;
• realization of the joint master’s program “Pedagogy and psychology of students’ education” with Sapienza University of Rome (Italy);
• realization of the joint master’s program “Education and development of younger school students” with the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” (Bulgaria).