Scientific Supervisor: the Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Yuri Mikhailovich Zabrodin

The total number of members of the scientific school: 11, including:
• the number of young (up to 35 years) members of the scientific school: 5;
• number of Doctors of Sciences-members of scientific school staff: 3;
• number of Candidates of Sciences-members of scientific school staff: 5.

The main achievements of the scientific school

1. The analysis of the condition and prospects of development of the type of professional activity of education workers taking into account domestic and international trends, taking into account the existing international professional standards regulating this kind of professional activity (on the example of the analysis of the 5 countries participating in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Finland, France).
2. A representative sample of organizations (186) located in different Federal districts of the Russian Federation, large, medium and small settlements, belonging to different forms of ownership) was formed.
3. A questionnaire was developed and a survey of managers and specialists of organizations for the purpose of determining the list of job functions, the necessary professional knowledge, skills (the sample consisted of 244 people) was conducted.
4. A socio-professional discussion of the main requirements for the standard of professional activity of a specialist in the field of psycho-pedagogical support of the educational process was held.
5. The requirements for testing and implementation of professional standards in the practice presupposing organization of relevant scientific and practical developments, planning and implementation of a number of local and regional action projects were determined.