Receipt of quota

MSUPE is included in the system of distribution of quotas for free education within bachelor, special, master degree programs as well as postgraduate programs for foreign citizens. In order to receive a free tuition grant as a foreign citizen you have to pass the following necessary steps:

register in the website and choose the university in which they want to study
contact the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in your country and clarify all terms and rules of application as well as the time of testing:

In case of getting a quota, the student is free from MSUPE entrance tests/exams and is automatically enrolled after coming to MSUPE for registration.

Participation is possible for foreign citizens of all ages and levels of education. If you need additional language training, it is necessary to specify it in your application form and a special free 1-year training course will be included into your tuition grant (at another university in Moscow) before the main study program starts in MSUPE.

For students who are enrolled with a free education quota MSUPE can offer accommodation at a hotel for students and postgraduates.
The living conditions are available here.
Accommodation fee: 100 $ per month.