Public Administration
Director of the Institute of Extreme Psychology MSUPE, Acting dean of the Faculty “State and municipal management”. Doctor of Political Sciences, professor of the chair of “Theory and Practice of Management”.

The purpose of the creation and further development of the Faculty is to prepare professional managers, bachelor, master and PhD students specializing in emergency management and human resource management for educational system of Moscow, the city’s social and structural divisions of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow. As a result of the training they need to master the theoretical knowledge and practical technologies of management, economic, financial, expert and advisory activities in the field of education management, integrated security of educational establishments, social services and state budgetary institutions, as well as in control during an emergency.

The main strategic goal of cooperation with the EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow:
Improvement of analytical maintenance of activity of the specialists of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the city of Moscow and of Moscow Office of Civil Protection, as well as improving the quality and expansion of programs of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for public services in the municipal authorities and educational institutions of Moscow as security specialists in case of emergency for enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Main goals of the Faculty:

  • meeting the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural and moral development by obtaining higher and (or) post-graduate education;
  • o providing acquisition of higher professional education in the sphere of state and municipal administration and management in the field of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, security of life of the population;
  • o organization and performance of fundamental and applied research aimed at solving problems of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of natural, environmental and technogenic type, mobilization preparation of the economy and the improvement of professional education of military personnel troops and specialists of EMERCOM of Russia among the civil personnel;
  • o the dissemination of knowledge among the population on the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, career guidance activities with civil youth and its preparation for university entrance;
  • o research, analysis and synthesis of Russian and foreign experience in prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and natural disasters, the safety of the population and objects of national economy, mobilization preparation of the economy;
  • o development of international cooperation in the field of specialists training and preparation of the population to act in emergency situations.