Psychology of education

Psychologist in education system

Direction: 44.03.02 “Psychological and pedagogical education”

Graduate’s degree (qualification): bachelor

Form of education:
1) Full-time

Duration of the program: 4 years

2) Extramural

Duration of the program: 4,5 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1. “Humanitarian, social and economic foundations of professional activity”: history, philosophy, economic foundations of professional activity, legal foundations of professional activity, sociology.

Module 2. “Communication in professional interaction”: introduction to intercultural communication in professional interaction; culture of language communication; foreign language; information and communication technologies in professional activities.

Module 3 “Health saving technologies in professional work”: physical culture; life safety.

Module 4. “Natural scientific foundations of professional activity”: anatomy and age physiology; basics of pediatrics and hygiene of children and adolescents; mathematics and mathematical statistics; quantitative and qualitative methods in psychological and pedagogical studies; human genetics.

Module 5. “Theoretical and normative foundations of education” (basic, university-wide) Module disciplines: theory of teaching and upbringing; GEF and professional standards; cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach in education.

Module 6. “Theoretical foundations of professional activity”: general and experimental psychology; developmental psychology; clinical psychology; special psychology; pedagogical psychology

Module 7. “Psychological and pedagogical support of basic educational programs”: introduction to the profession; cultural and personal potential of students; psychological and pedagogical support of school educational programs; school education programs

Module 8. “Psychodiagnostic and correctional-developing work with children and students”: psychological and pedagogical diagnostics with a workshop; technologies of correctional-developing work of a psychologist in education

Module 9. “Psychological counseling in the educational sphere”: the basis of psychological counseling; development of personal and meta-subject competencies; active methods of professional self-determination; counseling on the problem of learning difficulties

Module 10. “Psychoprophylaxis in the activity of an education psychologist”: prevention of deviations in the behavior of students; inclusive education

Module 11. “Psychological expertise of comfort and safety of the educational environment” Module disciplines: psychological and pedagogical interaction of participants in the educational process; psychologically comfortable and safe educational environment; documentary support of the professional activity of the psychologist of education