Psychology and pedagogy of additional education

Psychology and pedagogy of additional education

Direction: 44.04.02 – Psycho-pedagogical education 

Graduate’s degree (qualification): master

Form of education: full-time

Duration of program: 2 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Block 1 “Disciplines (modules)”:

Basic (professional) part: Scientific research of the psychological and pedagogical direction, Philosophy of Education and Science, Projecting and examination of educational systems. State policy in the field of additional education. Design and implementation of supplementary education programs.

Variational part: Youth meeting facilities.

Disciplines for choice: Development of creative abilities of children and youth.

Block 2 “Practices, including research work (R & D)”: Educational, industrial, pre-diploma practice, research work.

Block 3 “State final attestation”: state examination, defense of the master’s thesis.