Psychological rehabilitation in the social sphere

Psychological rehabilitation in the social sphere

Direction: 44.04.02 – Psycho-pedagogical education 

Graduate’s degree (qualification): master

Form of education: full-time

Duration of program: 2 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1 «Theoretical-methodology module»
Philosophy of Education and Science, Scientific schools in the psychology of education, Cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach in education.

Module 2«Professional interaction»
Organizational psychology in education and social sphere, Normative and legal support of professional activity, Intercultural communication in professional interaction.

Module  3 «Science Research activities and methods of psychological»
Planning and conducting profile psychological and pedagogical research, Science methods and technology of psychological and pedagogical research, Workshop: data processing of psychological and pedagogical research in SPSS

Module 4 Conceptual framework for psychological rehabilitation (I)
Theoretical training – disciplines: Advising a family of a child with disabilities; Psychological aspects of rehabilitation; Professional Ethics in Rehabilitation. Elective disciplines: Methods of organization of the rehabilitation team; Technology management of the rehabilitation case.

Module 5 Conceptual basis of psychological rehabilitation (II)
Theoretical training – disciplines: Psychosocial work with children and adolescents with mental disorders; Psychological rehabilitation of children with chronic somatic diseases. Elective disciplines: Psychology of sustainability; Methods and techniques of psychological rehabilitation.