Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling

Direction: 37.03.01 “Psychology”

Graduate’s degree (qualification): bachelor

Form of education: full-time

Duration of the program: 4 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1. “Humanitarian, social and economic foundations of professional activity”: History, Philosophy, Economic bases of professional activity, Legal foundations of professional activity, Sociology

Module 2. “Communication in professional interaction”: Introduction to intercultural communication in professional interaction, Culture of language communication , Foreign language, Information and communication technologies in professional activities

Module 3. “Health saving technologies in the profession al Noah activities “: Physical Education, Health and Safety

Module 4.” Fundamentals of psycho-pedagogical activity “: educational psychology, pedagogy and methods of teaching psychology

Module 5. “Natural Science Foundations of Psychology”: Zoopsychology and Comparative Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology of the Central Nervous System, Psychophysiology , Psychogenetics

Module 6. “Fundamentals of Scientific Activities”: Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Experimental Psychology, Mathematics Methods in Psychology

Module 7. “Introduction to Professional Activity”: Introduction to the profession, General Psychology, General Psychological Workshop, Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology, Psychological Counseling, History of Psychology, Family Psychology

Module 8. “Social Psychology”: Social Psychology, Labor Psychology, Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics, Organizational Psychology

Module 9. “Psychology of Individual Differences”: Differential Psychology, Psychodiagnostics

Module 10. “Clinical psychology “: Clinical psychology, special psychology

Variational part:

Module 11. Psychology of social work: Psychology of social work, Fundamentals of accompanying activities, Child without family

Module 12. Individual counseling: Consultative workshop, Introduction to supervision, Introduction to understanding psychotherapy, Counseling in the organization

Module 13. Group counseling: Psychology of social interaction, Fundamentals group psychological work, Methods of psychological training

Module 14. Clinical developmental psychology: Autistic child, Psychiatry

Module 15. Child and family counseling: Childhood culture, Practical developmental psychology, Fundamentals of psychological counseling for children and families

Module 16. Theoretical and methodological bases of counseling: History of psychotherapy and counseling, Professional ethics

Module 17. Fundamentals of scientific research in psychology: Fundamentals of scientific activity of a student