Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

Direction: 44.05.01 “pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

Assigned degree (qualification) of the graduate: specialist, social pedagogue.

Form of education: full-time

Duration of the program: 5 years

The program consists of the following blocks: Block 1 “Disciplines (modules)”, which includes disciplines (modules) relating to the basic part of the program and disciplines (modules) related to its variative part.

Block 2 of the “Practice”, which fully refers to the variable part of the program.

Block 3 “State final certification”, which fully applies to the basic part of the program and ends with the assignment of the qualification specified in the list of specialties and areas of higher education, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1 “Humanitarian, social and economic foundations of professional activity” History; Philosophy; Economic bases of professional activity; Legal basis of professional activity; Sociology.

Module 2. “Communication in professional interaction” Foreign language; Information and communication technologies in professional activity; Introduction to intercultural communication in professional interaction; Culture of language communication.

Module 3. “Health saving technologies in professional activity” Physical culture; Life safety.

Module 4. “Fundamentals of pedagogical activity” Pedagogical psychology; General principles of pedagogy and methods of teaching psychology; Theory of teaching and pedagogical technologies; Theory and methods of education; Correctional pedagogy; History of pedagogy.

Module 5. “The natural sciences of psychology” Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system; Psychophysiology; Psychogenetics.

Module 6. “Fundamentals of scientific activity” Mathematics and mathematical statistics; Methodological basis of psychology; Experimental Psychology; Mathematical methods in psychology.

Module 7. “Introduction to professional activities” Introduction to the profession; General psychology; General Psychological Workshop; Psychology of Personality; Developmental psychology and age psychology; Psychological counseling; History of psychology; Psychology of the family;

Module 8. “Social psychology” Social psychology; Psychology of work, engineering psychology and ergonomics; Organizational psychology.

Module 9. “The psychology of individual differences” Differential psychology; Psychodiagnostics.

Module 10. “Socio-pedagogical technologies of work” Organization of leisure of children and adolescents; Social pedagogy; The methodology and technology of the work of the social pedagogue; Fundamentals of social work.

Module 11. Disciplines of specialization No. 3 “Psychological and pedagogical prevention of deviant behavior” Introduction to legal psychology; Actual problems of legal psychology; Criminal psychology; Forensic psychology; Penitentiary psychology; Psychology of legal professions; Legal psychology of children and adolescents; Complex rehabilitation of minors with deviant behavior; Social and psychological support of children and adolescents in court; Psychological aspects of prevention of deviant behavior of minors as an integrated system; the professional activity system of a deviantologist; Special training.

Module 12. “Fundamentals of Russian law” Criminal law and process; Criminology; Civil law and process.

Module 13. “Psychological technologies of work” Age features of working with minors; Psychology of conflict; Psychological methods of working with stressful situations; Psychological prevention of dependent behavior; Suicidology and psychology of autoaggressive behavior; Child abuse and psychology of victimization; Designing and examination of the educational environment; Workshop on psycho-correction; Training of professional communication; Fundamentals of vocational guidance.

Module 14. “Clinical foundations of expert activity” Clinical psychology; Special psychology; Neuropsychology; Pathopsychology; Workshop on pathopsychology.

Module 15. “Basics of advisory activities” Workshop on counseling; Psychotherapy: theory and practice.