Pedagogical support of children with learning difficulties, audiopedagogics, logopedia

Pedagogical support of children with learning difficulties, audiopedagogics, logopedia

Direction: 44.03.03 Special (defectological) education

Graduate’s degree (qualification): bachelor

Form of education: full-time

Duration of the program: 4 years

Modules and Disciplines:

The basic part: History, Philosophy, Foreign language, Life safety, Physical culture, Fundamentals of economics, Introduction to professional activity, Mathematics and mathematical statistics, Jurisprudence with the fundamentals of the rights of disabled people, Anatomy and age physiology, Theory of teaching and upbringing, Sociology, General psychology, Age psychology, History of pedagogy and education, Philological support of professional activity, Psychological and pedagogical support of inclusive education, Clinical psycho Theology of Children and Adolescents, Social Psychology, Information Technologies in Professional Activity, Ethnopsychology, Psychological and Pedagogical Diagnostics with Practice, Special Psychology, Speech Technology.

Variative part: Fundamentals of pediatrics and hygiene, Methods of mathematical statistics in psychology and pedagogy, Human genetics, Interpersonal interaction training, Anatomy, physiology and pathology of hearing, speech and sight organs, Psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation of children left without parental care, Fundamentals of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, Diagnostics of psychic development of children with HIA, Neurology, Speech development of the child, Deontology, Speech culture of the defectologist, Special pedagogy, Family education e child with HIA, Organization of the education of children with HIA, Psycholinguistics, Education and training of children and adolescents with multiple developmental disorders,

Profile “Logopedics”: Speech therapy, Logorhythmics, Introduction to speech therapy, Technique of speech development, Speech analysis technologies, Talk-tikum on speech therapy.

“Pedagogical support of children with learning difficulties” profile: Education of children with learning difficulties in the educational and correctional process, Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of children with learning difficulties, Technologies of inclusive education in working with children with DSS, Preschool education of children with DSS and preparation to the school, Technologies of pedagogical support of children with difficulties in training, Psychology of children with DSS, Support of children with learning difficulties in the educational-correctional process, Psychocorrectional and development Work with children who have difficulties in learning, Speech therapy for children with learning difficulties, Technologies for working with a family, raising a child with a PPS.

“Surdopedagogics” profile: Verbal and non-verbal means of communication, Surdopedagogy, Technologies of pedagogical support of children with hearing impairment, Technology of subject-practical training, Technology of teaching Russian language and literature, Surpedopsychology, Technology of teaching perception and reproduction of oral speech, Technologies of corrective-developing work with children with hearing impairment, Audiology and hearing care, Technologies of inclusive education of children with hearing impairment.

Elective disciplines: Methods and techniques for early care, Support for disabled children in the family, Conflictology, Preparation of children with HIA for literacy, Qualitative and quantitative methods of psychological and pedagogical research, Information technology in the diagnosis and education of children with HIA, Organization of research work, Scientific organization of student’s work, Children’s literature, Folklore in correctional and developing work with children with HIA, Socio-psychological and pedagogical problems of orphans with HIA, Correction – Pedagogical assistance to children with HIA, left without parental care, Emotional development of children with HIA, Communicative development of children with HIA, Differential diagnosis of developmental disorders with the practice, General and various manifestations in dysontogenesis with the practice, Organization of adaptive environment for persons with HIA, Organization of corrective -developing environment in the educational organization, the basics of social rehabilitation and vocational guidance of persons with HIA, Socio-cultural rehabilitation of persons with HIA. Disciplines for choice (profile “Speech therapy”): Individual forms of logopedic work with the workshop, Correction of the pronunciation of the speech with the workshop, Front forms of the speech therapy work, Organization and planning of speech therapy sessions with the practice, Correction of written speech disorders in persons with HIA with a workshop, Modern technology of examination and correction of writing and reading with a workshop.

Disciplines for choice (profile “Pedagogical support of children with learning difficulties”): Psychological and pedagogical features of children with emotional-volitional disorders, Correctional work with RDA, Psycho-speech development of children with DPR, Technology of speech formation in children with mental retardation, Psycho- pedagogical features of persons with sensory impairments, Organization of care for people with visual impairments and hearing.

Disciplines for choice (profile “Surdopedagogics”): Restoration of oral communication in deaf persons, Formation of oral communication in early deaf children, Technology of musical and rhythmic work, Improving the oral speech of persons with hearing impairment, Psychological and pedagogical support of persons after cochlear implantation, Technology rehabilitation of people with hearing impairment.