May 25, 2018 (17:00 – Moscow time, 7:00 – San Diego, California time)

On-line Seminar «Creative potential of culture and human development»

Timed to Professor Michael Cole`s 80 th anniversary

Key discussion issues:

– Understanding of culture: from the environment – to the source of human development

– Cultural-historical psychology as a language of mutual understanding and an

instrument of creativity in science and education

– Variety of forms of cultural mediation of human activity in the modern world

– Cultural-activity approach as an interdisciplinary project

– Psychology and sociocultural practices of human development

– From joint activity to the co-creation of culture

– Imagination as a «third eye» of culture

– Michael Cole as a follower of L.S. Vygotsky, a student of A.R. Luria and a continuer of the ideas of non-classical psychology in the 21 st century

Keynote speakers: Vitaly V. Rubtsov, Michael D. Cole, James V. Wertsch, Arkady A. Margolis, Alexander G. Asmolov, Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Nikolay Nechayev, Boris Meshcheryakov, Boris Elkonin.

Working language: Russian

The discussion materials will be published in the scientific journal «Cultural-historical Psychology» and other editions of the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education