October-November, 2016 — in Russia and Europe there will take place the actions devoted to the 120 anniversary since the birth of L. Vygotsky

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Dear colleagues!

In 2016 the international scientific and pedagogical community celebrates the L.S.Vygotsky`s 120th anniversary. L.S.Vygotsky is a Russian scientist, humanist who made a huge contribution into the development of sciences on socialization of the person, culture and society. Scientific works of L.S. Vygotsky continue to impact on formation of the most important educational projects in XXI. In this regard a number of events devoted to the rethinking of L.S.Vygotsky`s scientific school traditions and perspectibes will be held in Russia and other countries in оctober-november, 2016.

Venue and terms:
• October 12-13th 2016, Paris, France
• November 1-3rd 2016, Helsinki, Finland
• November 5-6th 2016, Zurich, Switzerland
• November 8-10th 2016, Berlin, Germany

Conference section:
Section 1. «Cultural and historical psychology and its place in system of sciences about development of the nature, the person and society»
Section 2. «Cultural and historical psychology and the variable developing education»
Section 3. «Psychology and art»
Section 4. «Educational policy».

Following the results of a conference the collection of scientific articles will be published.

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