MSUPE today

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) is one of the top universities of psychological studies in Russia. Founded under the initiative of the Moscow Government, the University aims at training high qualified specialists in the field of education, healthcare and social protection. Apart from getting a strong theoretical foundation, the students of the University acquire the necessary practical skills by working in psychological centers and educational institutions.

Currently, there are more than 4000 students and PhD students studying at 13 departments of the University: Psychology of Education, Social Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Clinical and Special Psychology, Legal Psychology, Extreme Psychology, State and Municipal Management, Foreign Languages, Informational technologies, Social Communication, Social Pedagogy, Department of Distant Education and Department of Advanced Training. The University provides a wide range of educational programs including postgraduate, advanced training and retraining courses.

MSUPE is actively involved in international collaboration. There are over 80 Cooperation Agreements signed by the University with the partner-institutions of higher professional education in the EU, Great Britain, USA, Australia and China. The University offers a big variety of BA and MA programs including a few double degree programs in the field of psychology with the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Plovdiv University “Paisy Khilendarski” (Bulgaria), Institute for Applied Research in the social sciences (Germany). The University UNESCO Chair “Cultural-historical Psychology of Childhood” has currently launched an international Master’s program “Cultural-historical Psychology and Activity Approach in Education”, with the participation of experts from Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania and Switzerland. The program is available in the English language.

MSUPE provides the full complex of facilities and conditions for international students. Academic student and stuff mobility programs with Universities of Italy, Spain and China are implemented.

The University represents a basic resource center of the city psychological service: it manages the work of psychologists in various educational institutions and social services of Moscow. The University provides training for specialists working in different spheres of social practices and involved in various kinds of psychological work (particularly, emergency and extreme situations). The University provides comfortable conditions and is fully equipped for people with special needs.

The University provides access to a unique fundamental library with full-text electronic resources in Russian and in foreign languages. The library disposes of electronic textbooks and rare psychological literature.

MSUPE is a unique University that specializes in psychological education in Russia. Profound scientific training goes hand in hand with practice-oriented courses. The students conduct scientific research and acquire practical skills working in research-to-practice laboratories and psychological centers on the basis of the University: Centre for Neurocognitive Research (MEG-Centre), Center for Psychological and Educational Expertise of Games and Toys, Center for Research and Development of Gifted Children, Center for Social and Psychological Adaptation and Development of Adolescents “Crossroads”, Center for Experimental Psychology, Center for Emergency Psychological Aid, University Children Center etc.

The University works in compliance with the system of quality management, according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, and common international IQNet certification.