MSUPE Center for Neurocognitive Research “MEG – Center”

The foundation of the Center for Neurocognitive Research “MEG – Center” (2008) on the basis of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education is caused by an urgent necessity of integration of the actual methods of accurate non-invasive registration of the electromagnetic activity of the human brain into the Russian scientific and clinical practice. The first in Russian Federation system of registration “MEG” (magnetoencephalography) is installed in the Center for the neuropsychological and psychophysiological research. Magnetoencephalography – is a unique innovative technology of neuroimaging with high temporal resolution (about 1 ms). Integration of MEG with brain imaging obtained by magnetic resonance imaging, allows to locate the sources of neuronal activity with an accuracy of 5 mm.

Key goals of work
• Research in the field of modern cognitive neuroscience
• Development and implementation of MEG methods in the diagnosis of brain function`s disorders and their recovery by medical treatment and/or their correction in neurosurgical clinic
• Promotion and support of the integration of the national scientific-educational school into the international environment by creating interdisciplinary educational programs and professional training courses for students, practicing clinicians, researchers.