Master programs


Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
Master's Programs (2018-2019)

Master's courses:

Social psychology 
Practical cross-cultural psychology
Organizational psychology
Legal psychology: forensic-expert practice

Psychology of special risk professions
Psychological assistance to children and adolescents, victims of extreme situations 
Psychological assistance in the social sphere with the usage of remote technologies
Children and family psychotherapy

Clinical psychology of development
Developmental psychology
Legal psychology and childhood: expertise, support, prevention
Counseling psychology
Neuropsychological correction and counseling in disrupted development

Psycho-pedagogical education 

UNESCO Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education
Emergency psychological help for children and parents in the education system
Security psychology in education
Psychological and educational support of persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
Psychological-pedagogical correction of developmental disorders in children
Psychology and pedagogy of additional education
Psychology and pedagogy of inclusive education
Psychological rehabilitation in the social sphere
Psychology and pedagogy of preschoolers’ development

Methodical maintenance of educational system
Practical psychology in the social field and education
Socio-psychological counseling
Mediation in the social sphere
Evident projecting and efficiency marking of programs in the field of social risk management in the sphere of childhood
School Psychology
Psychology and pedagogy of additional education
Psycho-pedagogical support of deaf-blind and persons with severe multiple disabilities
Psychology of safety in education
Traffic psychology
Psychological counseling of the family

Pedagogical conflictology

Applied Informatics

Psychological and educational measurement

Social work

Social work with the different categories of the people

Organization of work with youth

Youth initiatives in the social sphere


Theory of teaching Russian as a foreign language and crosscultural communication

State and municipal management

Management of the institution: in the social sphere and security

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