Learning (credit) mobility

Learning (credit) mobility

1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students
1.1. mobility and recognition of credit units

2. Grant receiving terms
2.1. The presence of inter-institutional agreements with:
2.1.1. set of courses for recognition
2.1.2. the leading university obligation to recognize high school credit units mastered during mobility

3. The duration of mobility
3.1. from 3 to 12 months

4. Direction of mobility:
4.1. from the EU to Russia
4.2. from Russia to the EU

5. Application for funding
5.1. applied by the university in the country authorized by the Program National Agency
5.2. application support is kept on results of competitive selection

6. Mobility expenses
6.1. Accommodation: 750-850 euro a month
6.2. Transport expenses – from 180 euro