International partnership

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education establishes agreements with public and private institutions for educational and scientific cooperation.
The perspective way to improve dialogue and experience transfer between scientific communities, develop joint research and tuition activities and facilitate the exchange of teaching staff and students, is to sign an agreement on partnership. Therefore, Cooperation Agreement is the first tool for the realization of all cooperation activities with foreign universities, institutions and research centers.
Moscow State University of Psychology & Education has signed an number of international agreements with educational and scientific institutions all over the world.
This webpage is meant to provide prospective partner Universities with some basic but relevant information on how to cooperate with Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

Within its internationalization policy, Moscow State University of Psychology & Education suggests general Cooperation Agreement aimed at establishing scientific collaboration contacts increasing academic and cultural exchanges in education and research fields, as well as students, researchers and professors mobility in various directions:

1. development and implementation of joint educational programs in accordance with educational standards of the Parties;

2. training of qualified specialists (especially Master and PhD degrees);

3. conducting mutual research in the field of psychology and pedagogy with publishing the outcomes in special scientific journals of partner institutions;

4. development of international academic mobility; exchange of students and professors in the framework of: advanced training programs, lectures, internships for teaching and administrative staff;

5. development of partnership in organizing joint scientific events (seminars, conferences, symposia, etc.).

6. cooperation in the field of information and publishing activity (periodic scientific and scientific-practical publications, monographs, conference proceedings, posting of relevant information on the core informational resources of partner institutions).

For implementation of the Agreement the Parties elaborate together a program on one or several of the above-listed areas.

Each Party appoints a coordinator for control and organization of cooperation in the framework of the Agreement.

MSUPE international cooperation is aimed at establishing and intensifying collaboration relationships with research agencies and universities all over the world in order to develop joint academic and research activities.

The basic Cooperation Agreement does not impose any financial obligations on the Parties. In order to contribute to the intentions of the Agreement the Parties can sign other agreements and contracts, including those that impose financial obligations.
The Cooperation Agreement comes into force upon being signed by both Parties.

To look through the general Cooperation Agreement please use the forms below:

English language form
Russian language form
German language form


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