International cooperation

MSUPE is actively involved into the international collaboration. There are over 100 cooperation Agreements signed by the University with partner-Institutions of higher professional education in the EU, Great Britain, USA, Australia and China. The University offers a big variety of BA and MA programs including double degree programs in the field of psychology with Sapienza University of Rome(Italy), Plovdiv University “PaisyKhilendarski” (Bulgaria), Institute for Applied Research in the social sciences (Germany). The University UNESCO Chair “Cultural-historical Psychology of Childhood” is launching an international Master’s program “Cultural-historical Psychology and Activity Approach in Education”, with the participation of leading experts from Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania and Switzerland. The program`s modules are available in the English language. MSUPE provides the full complex of facilities and conditions for international students. Academic student and stuff mobility programs with Universities of Europe and Asia are implemented. MSUPE puts the importance of development of international cooperation in science and education among the key fundamental lines of University policy for improving bilateral and network relations in academic environment.