Vice-Rector on administrative-economic work
Elfar Azizov

Sphere of activity:

• maintenance of educational, industrial and residential buildings and structures
• control over all types of repairs (except training equipment) and their implementation
• organization of work on landscaping, gardening, cleaning and other sanitary measures for maintaining proper order in educational and university buildings
• Elimination of consequences of accidents and emergencies
• Organization of works on energy savings
• Logistics of the University
• Warehouse organization
• Wealth protection

Monitoring the work of structural units:

• Management of the operation of buildings and structures
• Public procurement and welfare management
• Occupational safety and health management

Contact information
Address: Moscow, Spassky tupik, d., p. 6 1, office. 300
Work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 9:00-17:30.
Schedule of receptions: 1-I and 3-rd Tuesday of the month, 10.00-13:00.
Appointments: 2 working days before the reception, Resp. Elena Borisovna Prokhorova.
Assistant: Elena Borisovna Prokhorova, +7 (499) 975-25-89.