Elena Zadorina
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Elena Zadorina – vice-rector for scientific work of MSUPE, Ph.D., winner of the Russian President’s Prize in the field of education

Sphere of activity:
• the development of MSUPE priority research areas
• planning, organization and control of scientific research work of MSUPE units
• planning of implementation of the results of research conducted by MSUPE departments
• development of the research work of MSUPE students and young scientists
• management and control of the MSUPE participation in contests on carrying out research works
• the management and control of training of scientific personnel in MSUPE(postgraduate, doctoral)

Monitoring the work of structural units:

• administrative units
-Department of the coordination and planning of scientific research work
-Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies
-Center for the development of priority scientific research

• scientific and scientific-educational centers
-Scientific and educational center “Experimental psychology”
-Scientific-educational center of neuro-cognitive research (MEG-Center)
-Scientific and educational center “Neurobiological diagnosis of hereditary mental diseases of children and adolescents”
-Center of applied psycho-pedagogical research

Participation in advisory bodies: head of the Scientific Expert Council of MSUPE.

Contact information

Address: Moscow, Sretenka St., 29, office 405
Work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 10:00-18:00
Schedule of receptions: 3-rd Tuesday of the month, 16.00-19:00.
Appointments: 3 working days before the reception, Resp. Galina Semenova
Reception phone: +7 (495) 623-24-43.
Secretary: Galina Semenova, SemenovaGE@mgppu.ru.