UNESCO Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education

Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education

Direction: 44.04.02 – Psycho-pedagogical education

Graduate’s qualification: master

Form of education: extramural, with payment of studying

Duration of program: 2 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1 «Theoretical-methodology module»
Philosophy of Education and Science, Scientific schools in the psychology of education, Cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach in education.
Module 2«Science Research activities and methods of psychological and pedagogical research ».
Planning and conducting profile psychological and pedagogical research , Methods of psychological and pedagogical research: mathematical, experimental, instrumental, research activities to solve pedagogical problems in the field of education (activity approach).
Module 3 «”Theoretical and experimental studies of teaching and development”: training and development of preschoolers; theory of developmental learning (elementary school); theory of developmental learning (primary school); activity approach in research on special psychology; the practice of the activity approach in developing preschool education (the AV Zaporozhts and LA Venger systems); the practice of developing the teaching of junior schoolchildren; the practice of teaching and developing adolescents; practice of rehabilitation work and correctional pedagogy; Organization of the game and designing of toys; design of instrumentation in education; theory and practice of pediatric neuropsychology.
Module 4 “Communication in the practice of education and social sphere”: Activity approach in research of problems of communication in the social sphere, Intercultural communication in professional interaction