Contemporary social psychology

Contemporary social psychology

Direction: 37.03.01 psychology

Graduate’s degree (qualification): bachelor

Form of education: full-time

Duration of the program: 4 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Basics: History, Philosophy, Foreign Language, Life Safety, Physical Culture, Jurisprudence, Economics, Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Methods in Psychology, Anatomy of the Central Nervous System, Logic, Sociology, Culturology, General Psychology, Introduction to the profession, Neurophysiology and physiology of sensory systems, Psychophysiology, General Psychological Workshop, Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology, Pedagogy, Psycho-netika, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology, History of Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Labor, Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics, Pedagogical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Pathopsychology, Special Psychology, Differential Psychology, Ethnopsychology, Information Technologies in Psychology, Contemporary Concepts of Natural Science, Zoopsychology and Comparative Psychology Psychology, Psychological counseling, Organizational psychology, Methodological basis of psychology, Teaching of psychology

Variative part: Psychodiagnostic Practice, Political Science, Introduction to Sociobiology, Social Psychology of Development, Psychology of Communication, Status and Role Relationships and Intragroup Structuring in Student Groups, Social Psychology of Conflict, Social Psychology of Endowments, Social Age Psychology, Political Psychology, The Problem of Normativity in the social psychology of development, Analysis and visualization of the data of psychological research, History and theory of social psychology, Features of personal and role influence in the organization, Socio-psychological development of organizations, Historical psychology, Psychological features of modern multicultural education, Theory and practice of socio-psychological training

Elective disciplines: Consultative technologies: cross-cultural aspect / Cultural differences in practical psychology; Socio-psychological aspects in the disciplines of the biological block / Socio-psychological aspects of various forms of dependent behavior; Psychology of students / Psychology of student groups; Psychological preparation for study abroad / Intercultural training in international education; Social psychology of development of individuality / Social psychology of developing education; Theory and practice of intercultural communication / Intercultural interaction in the modern world; Social psychology of ethnic groups / Socio-psychological analysis of ethnonational processes in the modern world; Socio-psychological aspects of the modern information-communicative space / Influence of the modern information and communication space on the development of the child’s personality; Socio-psychological aspects of advertising and marketing / Psychology of marketing activities; Controversial problems of the history of the twentieth century / History and psychology of the traumatic experience of the twentieth century; Corporate culture / Organizational commitment and employee values ​​in the organization