Clinical-psychological assistance for child in family

Clinical-psychological assistance for child in family

Direction: 37.05.01 “Clinical Psychology”

Graduate’s degree (qualification): Clinical psychologist (specialist)

1) Form of education: full-time

Duration of the program: 5,5 years

2) Form of education:  part-time

Duration of the program: 6 years (with the possibility of accelerated training on the basis of higher education)

Actual duration of the program: 4,5 years

Modules and Disciplines:

Module 1. “Humanitarian, social and economic foundations of professional activity” (basic, general university, general for the direction). Disciplines: History; Philosophy; Economic bases of professional activity; Legal basis of professional activity; Sociology

Module 2. “Communication in professional interaction” (basic, general university, general for the direction). Disciplines: Introduction to intercultural communication in professional interaction; Culture of language communication; Foreign language; Information and communication technologies in professional activity

Module 3. “Health-saving technologies in professional activity” (basic, general university). Disciplines: Physical Culture; Safety of vital functions

Module 4. “Fundamentals of Psychological and Pedagogical Activity”. Disciplines: Pedagogical psychology; Pedagogy and methods of teaching psychology

Module 5. “The natural sciences of psychology” (basic, common for the direction). Disciplines: Zoopsychology and comparative psychology; Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system; Psychophysiology; Psychogenetics

Module 6. “Fundamentals of scientific activity” (basic, common for the direction). Disciplines: Mathematics and mathematical statistics; Methodological basis of psychology; Experimental Psychology; Mathematical Methods in Psychology

Module 7. “Introduction to professional activities”. Disciplines: Introduction to the profession; General psychology; General Psychological Workshop; Psychology of Personality; Developmental psychology and age psychology; Psychological counseling; History of psychology; Psychology of the family

Module 8. “Social psychology”. Disciplines: Social psychology; Psychology of work, engineering psychology and ergonomics; Organizational Psychology

Module 9. “Psychology of Individual Differences”. Disciplines: Differential psychology; Psychodiagnostics

Module 10. “Theoretical Foundations of Clinical Psychology”. Disciplines: Clinical psychology; Special psychology; Neuropsychology; Pathopsychology; Psychosomatics and psychology of corporeality; Disorders of mental development in childhood and adolescence

Module 11. «Medical basis of clinical psychology». Disciplines: Neurology; Psychiatry; Psychopharmacology; Internal medicine clinic

Module 12. “Practical Basics of Clinical Psychology”. Disciplines: Workshop on Neuropsychology; Workshop on pathopsychology; Workshop on psychosomatics

Module 13. “Scientific foundations of clinical psychology.” Disciplines: Fundamentals of scientific activity of a student; Empirical research in clinical psychology; Methodology of research in clinical psychology

Module 14. “Psychological assistance to the family.” Disciplines: Psychology of health; Psychotherapy: theory and practice; Workshop on psychotherapy and counseling; Cognitive-behavioral therapy; Family psychotherapy and family counseling; Projective methods in clinical psychology; Supervision

Module 15. “Theoretical bases of mental development disorders”. Disciplines: Introduction to clinical genetics; Psychology of deviant behavior; Clinical psychology of early childhood; Child pathopsychology; Pediatric neuropsychology; Personality disorders

Module 16. “Psychological assistance to children and adolescents.” Disciplines: Psychological counseling of adolescents; The main directions of psychotherapeutic work in childhood; Diagnosis and correction of autism spectrum disorders; Neuropsychological correction of children with abnormal development; Psychological help for children with psychosomatic diseases

Module 17. “Psychological diagnosis of the child and the family.” Disciplines: Practical work on psychodiagnostics; Psychodiagnostics of personality; Workshop on child clinical psychology; Differential diagnosis in pediatric clinical psychology

Module 18. “Problems of interaction with related specialists and the public”. Disciplines: Information and educational direction in the activity of a clinical psychologist; Interdisciplinary interaction in children’s clinical psychology; Clinical psychology in expert practice; Rehabilitation psychology; Clinical psychology in gerontology; Clinical and psychological problems of school disadaptation.