CENTER FOR NEUROCOGNITIVE RESEARCH (MEG-CENTER) was founded in 2008. Registration system MEG (magnetoencephalography) for neurophysiological and psychophysiological researchis installed in the center. It applies to locate sources of neuronal activity.

The Center Staff study:

  • cerebral mechanisms of regulation in the processes of attention and perception by norm and by autism;
  • the dynamics of interaction of neural ensembles in the process of elementary visual functions;
  • mechanisms of verbal information processing and language teaching;
  • brain processes, preceding cognitive assessment by visual information processing;
  • neurobiological mechanisms of perceptual decision making in uncertain situations;
  • new approaches to the space-time dynamics analysis of the electromagnetic activity of the distributed neuronal networks of human brain;
  • new approaches to the non-invasive brain mapping with the help of a complex analysis of the magnetoencephalography data (MEG) and structural magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).

The Center offers teaching of:

  • technologies of registration and analysis of magnetoencephalography data;
  • conducting psychophysiological experimental research of brain resources of attention, memory emotions and self-regulation with the help of EEG, ECG and GSR;
  • psychological research methods, including the assessment of intellectual development, temperament and other psychological characteristics;
  • neuropsychological computer diagnostics with the help of testing set CANTABeclipse;
  • original methods of diagnostics of prefrontal neocortex functions in infancy and early childhood, elaborated by the Center’s specialists.

The Center organizes high-accuracy presurgical diagnostics of patients before neurosurgeries with the help of magnetoencephalography in the framework of scientific collaboration with BurdenkoNeurosergery Institute.


MEG-Center disposes of equipment, that has no analogues in Russia, and in 2011 it was included in the list of the unique stands and plants of the Russian Federation ( Center’s technological basis allows to conduct research that is highly competitive in the international scientific environment.

  • Magnetoencephalography system Neuromag c306 with sensors for identifying weak changes of human brain magnetic field in complex with a device for eye movement registration.
  • Software\hardware for testing human behavior CANTABeclipse.
  • Software\hardware for processing of EEG, ECG, EMG «Neorotex-Pro».
  • Software\hardware for registration and bio managing of human psychophysiological parameters «Boslab».
  • Software\hardware for registration and processing of motorverbal and mimic components of human behavior parameters Noldus Observer – with its the help externally observed behavior is transferred into quantitative indicators.
  • System for non-contact registration and processing of human oculomotor behavior iView X RED – withits help oculomotor behavior can be investigated in people of one age, including infancy and children with disturbances.



  • measures weak magnetic fields, generated by big populations of brain neurons;
  • allows to give high-accuracy assessment of the changes in cerebral cortex;
  • together with the data, received from a structural MRT, allows to locate the sources of the brain’s pathological activity;

At present MEG is applied in worldwide practice for research:

  • in the field of rehabilitation (investigation of brain functions’ reorganization after injuries, forecasting of the necessity of therapy treatment after various traumas, assessment of efficiency of rehabilitation procedures);
  • in the field of functional neurosurgery particularly in the treatment of chronic painful syndromes and consequences of brain and spinal cord traumas;
  • in the field of diagnostics and monitoring of psychic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and cerebrovascular lesions.


The Center (on a contractual basis):

  • conducts joint interdisciplinary research with scientific, medical and educational organizations;
  • provides its equipment and services of the highly qualified staff for collecting data on various research topics;
  • offers various courses.


Burdenko Neurosergery Institute

Institute of Radio engineering and Electronics of RAS

Morozovskaya Children City Hospital National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Psychological Institute of RAE Russian Children Hospital Saint Petersburg State University Postgraduate Study Network «BloN»


Address: Shelepichinskayastreet, 2A. Room 408,410,411,412.

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