Professor Fyodor Vasilyuk. An irreparable loss

On September 17, 2017 psychology suffered an irreparable loss – Fyodor Efimovich Vasilyuk, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Department of Individual and Group Psychotherapy of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, founder of the Department of Psychological Counseling and his permanent dean for 15 years, the president of the Association of Understanding Psychotherapy, the Leading research fellow of the Laboratory of Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy of Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education.

Fyodor Vasilyuk is the creator of Russia’s first Center for Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Russia’s first psychotherapy magazine – Moscow Psychotherapeutic Journal, Russia’s first faculty of Psychological Counseling.

Fyodor Vasilyuk – the founder of the school of understanding psychotherapy, the author of one of the most quoted and authoritative monographs in the Russian psychology “Psychology of Experiencing” translated into many languages, the author of the book “Experiencing and Prayer”. Fyodor Efimovich made a great contribution to the development of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy, focusing on the ultimate experiences of man and his spiritual quest.

The psychological community mourns the untimely death of Fyodor Vasilyuk and expresses deep condolences to his family and relatives.

The 7th ISCAR Summer University

The 7th ISCAR Summer University for PhD students & young scholars was held in Moscow State University of Psychology & Education on July, 3 – 8, 2017. The program brought together professors & young scholars from all over the world to discuss different aspects of theory & methodology of cultural-historical psychology & activity approach.

The ISCAR SU program included lectures, seminars and discussion sessions by leading world experts in the field of cultural-historical psychology:

• «Cultural-historical scientific school: the issues that L.S. Vygotsky brought up» (Rubtsov V.V. – Rector of MSUPE, Professor, Head of the International UNESCO Chair “Cultural-historical psychology of childhood”, Russia)
• «On the modern approaches to studies of learning and development in tradition of cultural-historical scientific school» (Daniels H.R. – Professor of Education at Oxford University, Director of the Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research, UK)
• «Value aspect in intercultural communication» (Metropolitan Ignatius (Pologrudov S.G.), Metropolitan of Argentina and South America, PhD in Psychology, Argentina)
• «Cultural-historical psychology. Introduction into the basic concepts of the theory»
• «Perezhivanie as a psychological phenomenon and theoretical concept» (Veresov N.N. – Member of the Executive Committee of ISCAR, Professor at Monash University, Australia)
• «On the reconstruction of the fundamental theoretical and methodological principles of the theory of L.S. Vygotsky in modern social and scientific contexts» (Dafermos E. – Member of the Executive Committee of ISCAR, Associate Professor in Epistemology of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, The University of Crete, Greece)

Also the ISCAR SU program included following round tables:

• «Modern research in the scientific school of L.S. Vygotsky: challenges and perspectives» (Moderators: Dafermos E. – Member of the Executive Committee of ISCAR, Professor at the University of Crete (Greece), Veresov N.N. – Member of the Executive Committee of ISCAR, Professor at Monash University (Australia), Rubtsova O.V. Assistant Professor at Moscow State University of Psychology & Education (Russia))
• «Applying cultural-historical theory in social practices» (Moderators: Alekhina S.V. – Head of the Institute of Integrated (Inclusive) Education Problems of MSUPE (Russia), Porter J. – Professor of Education at the University of Reading (UK), Kloetzer L. – Assistant Professor at the Centre for Research in Sociocultural Psychology, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Fidalgo S. – Professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Brazil));

and special activities:

• «Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach as the basis of pedagogical education practices. Implementing the project of teacher education modernization in Russian Federation» (Margolis A.A. – First Vice-Rector of MSUPE, Professor of International UNESCO Chair MSUPE “Cultural-historical psychology of childhood”, Russia)
• «Reading and understanding L.S. Vygotsky “Historical meaning of psychological crisis» (Dafermos E. – Member of the Executive Committee of ISCAR, Professor at the University of Crete, Greece).

In the framework of ISCAR SU 2017 scientific projects of all young scholars – participants were presented.

The ISCAR SU 2017 materials are published in a special collection of abstracts in English language.

Learn more about the ISCAR SU on the official website:

Erasmus Staff Training Week in Romania

On April, 24 – 28 2017 MSUPE specialists (Igor Barkan - Office of International Affairs, Valeria Shorokhova - Department of Cross-cultural Psychology and Intercultural education) took part in the Erasmus Staff Training Week 4th edition organized by the West University of Timișoara (Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara, Romania). 

The Training week joined representatives from 26 universities of European Union and partner countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, South Africa, Serbia).
The programme contained: acquaintance with the West University of Timișoara, presentations of participant universities, the Erasmus+ programmes’ presentation, job shadowing sessions, different social and networking activities.
Erasmus Staff Training Week gave MSUPE participants an opportunity to:

  • discuss the perspectives of educational and scientific collaboration with the staff members of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology and Dr. D. Moza, a specialist working in the area of cross-cultural and social psychology;
  • sign a Cooperation Agreement between MSUPE and West University of Timișoara;
  • complete an Erasmus+ assignment agreement to West University of Timișoara for MSUPE students and professors on the fall semester;
  • complete an Erasmus+ assignment agreement to MSUPE for West University of Timișoara students on the fall semester;
  • schedule a visit agreement to MSUPE for Dr. M.L. Năchescu, West University of Timişoara International strategy coordinator.

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education express gratitude to colleagues in West University of Timișoara for the interesting and informative programme and is looking forward for further cooperation!

On April 3-7 in the framework of Erasmus+ teaching mobility program 2016-2021 a group of professors of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education visited the University of Roskilde (Denmark). Organization of the program became possible because of the EU funding of the joint project for teaching staff international mobility between MSUPE and University of Roskilde.

MSUPE was represented by: Head of the Department of Ethnopsychology and Psychological Problems of Multicultural Education - Oleg Khukhlaev, Head of Information and Analytical Department – Anna Shvedovskaya, and the Head of MSUPE Center for Evidence-Based Social Design – Anna Tikhomirova.

O.E. Khukhlaev, A. V. Tikhomirova, A. A. Shvedovskaya,E. Schraube, H.Sønderstrup-Andersen

The educational model of the University of Roskilde is built on a project-oriented and problem-solving approach to the education and management of the educational organization. The program of the visit was aimed at the presentation of experience and ongoing projects of the University of Roskilde. Key activities of the program included: the participation of the MSUPE specialists in the work of project student groups in the framework of the educational process, acquaintance with the scientific institutes and centers included in the University structure, discussion of mutually interesting professional topics, and lecturing. During the program, along with a presentation of MSUPE for the audience of Roskilde staff and students, the MSUPE specialists gave the following lectures for the students:

Perceptions and attitudes about European issues and values among Russian bachelor students (qualitative research within the framework of Erasmus + project. (O.E. Khukhlaev)
«Developing the ideas of cultural-historical approach: 10 years of scientific publications» (А.А. Shvedovskaja)
«Evidence-based approach and integration of professional competencies as the basis of social design» (А.V. Tikhomirova)

During the visit MSUPE representatives made a presentation about MSUPE, the VII International Summer University ISCAR for postgraduate students and young scholars was announced, as well as several proposals for the development of inter-university cooperation were made.

The mobility program participants emphasize the depth and richness of academic programs and special impressions from exploring the educational space of the University: "Walking around the campus is a special pleasure: Pleasant panoramic windows of the library overlooking the mini lake; Admirable enthusiastic students who are engaged in specially designed spaces for projects called "khuzy"; Hammocks in working areas and well-organized space in the offices of professors; The presence of a kindergarten with a flexible system of discounts for parent-students is also a pleasant moment. There is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time it is an active working atmosphere. "

We express our deep gratitude to our colleagues in Denmark, in particular, Hans Sønderstrup-Andersen, the Head of the Training Department of the Institute of People and Technology of the University of Roskilde, to Hans-Sønderstrup-Andersen, to professors Rashmi Singla and Ernst Schraube for their cooperation and brilliant organization of the program! We express our special gratitude to our compatriot, Professor Margarita Vladimirovna Popova, who is currently an employee of Roskilde University, for her active participation in the organization of this project and support at all stages of its implementation!

The staff of the University of Roskilde will visit MSUPE in October 2017 with a return visit.

XIII Conference on Psychology of Education

On the April 25-26 at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) leading Russian educators and psychologists discussed the actual problems of the work of school psychological services in the framework of the XIII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Psychology of Education: The teacher-psychologist in the world of school “.

More than 300 representatives of educational organizations, centers of psychological, pedagogical and medico-social support, pedagogical and psychological universities and other specialists took part in the conference. They discussed the approbation and implementation of the professional standard “Teacher-psychologist (psychologist in the field of education)”, professional training of school teachers-psychologists and the organization of the work of the psychological service in the educational system.

Special attention was paid to psychological work with children with problems in development, as well as to the mental health of school children.

“The world of childhood in modern society has faced the new risks. This is the spread among the students of the forms of dangerous “leisure”, as well as the involvement of adolescents in illegal movements, violence against children, bullying and cyberbullying, generated by the digital world. These challenges are a real danger to the lives and health of children, especially to the mental and psychological health. That’s why we, the representatives of the professional community, will have to define strategies and mechanisms to minimize the impact of such risks on children, ” – Vitaly Rubtsov, rector of MSUPE, told the RIA news.

He also noted the relevance of such problems as social and educational inclusion of various categories of children; depressive, suicidal, deviant behavior in adolescents; problems of orphans and children with special needs and disability.

“The request of a childhood for professional help is very high. Teams of adults should protect the younger generation, especially, the experts in the field of education. We need to develop more vigorously the complex of sciences about education, including the psychology of education, pedagogical, social sciences. At the same time, it is increadibly important for work with childhood to be interdepartmental and interdisciplinary, ” – Vitaly Rubtsov said.

The 6th ISCAR Summer University

On June 28-July 3, 2016 the 6th International Summer University for PhD students & young scholars “Cultural-historical psychology: interdisciplinary research perspectives” was held in Moscow State University of Psychology & Education with the support of the International Society for Cultural-historical Activity Research (ISCAR).
According the tradition of ISCAR Summer Universities held in MSUPE since 2010, the event brought together international experts in the field of cultural-historical theory & activity approach & participants from all over the world.
See more on ISCAR SU official website.

27-28 June 2016

International Symposium “Scientific school of Vygotsky: traditions and innovations”

The opening ceremony was held by the rector of MSUPE, professor Vitaly Vladimirovich Rubtsov, and by the President of the International ISKAR Society, Professor Malcolm Reed. The leading world experts in the field of cultural-historical psychology and activity theory took part in the Symposium, including Harry Daniels (director of the Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research of Oxford University, Professor (UK), Dr. Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont (Professor of the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), Manolis Dafermakis (Dafermos) (Professor of the University of Crete; member of the Executive Committee of the international society ISCAR (Greece).

The plenary session began with a report of the rector of MSUPE V.V. Rubtsov on the topic: “Current research in the scientific school of L.S. Vygotsky “. Reports were also made by:

• Daniels H.R.“Research into Interdisciplinary social practices: L.S.Vygotsky`s influence”
• Perret­ Clermont A.­N. and Perret J.F. “The influence of the ideas of L.S.Vygotsky and J.Piaget on modern research of development problem”
• Reed M.J. “The problems of modern cultural and activity research: from personal experience as President of the International Society of Cultural­historical Activity Research (ISCAR)”

The round table “New approaches to the study of learning and development in the context of cultural-historical psychology and activity theory” took place on the second day of the Symposium. The round table was held by:

• Veresov N.N. – Professor at Monash University, member of the Executive Committee of International Society for Cultural Activity Research – ISCAR (Australia)
• Dafermos E. – Professor at the University of Crete, member of the Executive Committee of International Society for Cultural Activity Research – ISCAR (Greece)
• Rubtsova O.V. – Head of the Center for interdisciplinary research of childhood, MSUPE (Russia)

Reports were made by:

• Chuprikova N.I., Main scientific researcher in the Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education, Professor (Russia), “Children’s playground in the context of cultural-historical psychology”
• Obukhova L.F., Head of the Chair of Developmental psychology of the Faculty of Educational psychology, MSUPE, Professor (Russia), “Development of ideas of L.S.Vygotsky’s theory in the approach of P.Y.Halperin”
• Elkoninova L.I., Senior researcher of the Institute of preschool education and family upbringing RAE, member of International psychological organization ISSBD, Professor of the Department of developmental psychology, MSUPE (Russia),“The feeling of self-activity in the role play of preschooler”
• Smirnova E.O., Head of the Centre for psychological and pedagogical expertise of games and toys MSUPE, Professor (Russia)“Children’s playground in the context of cultural-historical psychology”
• Rubtsova O.V. Head of the Center for interdisciplinary research of childhood, MSUPE, Professor (Russia), “Ideas of L.S. Vygotsky, I.P. Pavlov and H. Werner for modern psychology“

The Symposium attracted the attention of psychologists, teachers, young scientists, postgraduates, students and specialists from different fields of scientific knowledge. Abstracts of the participants of the symposium were published in Russian and English languages.

The end of the Symposium was immediately followed by the opening ceremony of the 6th International ISCAR Summer University, which lasted until July 3rd.

Videos of the live broadcast of the International Symposium at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education:

The first day
The second day

Students of MSUPE in the West University of Timișoara

In October 2015 the joint application for the organization of academic mobility in the framework of the ERASMUS + program of MSUPE and West University of Timișoara was supported by the European Commission.

In February 2016 the second-year student of the faculty of Magistracy of Social Psychology Khairullina Liana was directed to the training to the Romanian University. During the spring semester she is studying at the Faculty of “Sociology and Psychology” of the West University of Timisoara.

In the correspondence with the department of the international affairs of MSUPE Liana emphasizes special warmth and a friendly atmosphere at the university as well as the high quality of education and the organization of support of foreign students.

Congratulations to Liana with the successful participation in the program ERASMUS +! We wish her a fascinating and useful learning and good luck at final exams!

The third stage of student exchange

The third stage of student exchange between MSUPE and Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) is finished. The main objective for the 12 students of Italian University was studying Russian language and Russian culture. From MSUPE 7 students of the Faculty of “Foreign languages” went to Italy for internship.

Before the start of training a meeting with administration of the University and of the Faculty of “Foreign languages” was organized for Italian students. The meeting focused on the main points of program organization. Students also got acquainted with the history of MSUPE.

Students studied such subjects as “Russian as a foreign language”, “Methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures”, “History”, “Textology (Literature)”, “Psycholinguistics”, “Sociolinguistics”, “Russian literature in the modern world”, and on practical lessons taught second-year students Italian language.

In the framework of program completion students-participants of the Program took part in the international conference “Kuskovskie Readings” where they presented their research projects on linguistics and intercultural communication.

Various cultural events were organized for students. Students visited the Tretyakov Gallery, went to St. Petersburg and Kazan. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of “Social Communication” responsible for educational work organized a walk along the historically significant places of Moscow. It also included a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre.

After completing the program students have passed exams and received certificates confirming completion of educational internship in the direction of preparation “Theory and methodology of of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures” of MSUPE. As a result of completion of the program participants of exchange have significantly increased the level of knowledge of the language.

We hope that knowledge and skills obtained during the training at MSUPE will help students in further training and professional development in the field of Russian philology and intercultural communication, and will also allow to return to Moscow to continue education in MSUPE and to join Master’s and post-graduate programs.