Additional opportunities

Additional opportunities
Inter-university agreements form
Form of agreement on training with a student

Joint Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses

1. Terms of participation:
1.1. The consortium, which includes universities:
1.1.1. min 3 countries of Program
1.1.2. partner countries in invitation of the main participant
1.1.3. social partners participation allowed

2. The university consortium of the country of the program submits the application

3. Agency EACEA evaluates applications and monitors programs

4. Grant
4.1. Administrative expenses:
4.1.1. 20,000 for the preparatory year
4.1.2. 50 000 for each subsequent year
4.2. Scholarships to undergraduates:
4.2.1. Tuition, accommodation, insurance, transportation costs

5. Annual enrollment is 20 undergraduates
Valid master’s programs of Erasmus Mundus:

Jean Monnet program

1. Applicant is university from any country worldwide
2. Coordinators: Young scientists who have received a degree within the last 5 years
3. Max. grant amount is EUR 30 000
3.1. calculation is based on the national rates of teaching pay hours

Jean Monnet Chair
1.1. the applicant is a university from any country worldwide
1.2. max. grant amount is 50 000 euro

Consummation centers of Jean Monnet
1.1. the applicant is a university from any country worldwide
1.2. max. grant amount is 100 000 euro

Organizations support
1.1. the applicant is a university from any country worldwide with the reputation in the area of European integration implementation
1.2. max. grant amount depends on the actual cost of the activity

Support associations
1.1. the applicant is the Association of Teachers and Researchers of European integration issues from any country in the world
1.2. max. grant amount is 50 000 euro

Jean Monnet network:
1.1. the applicant is any university or organization actively studying the issue of the European integration, from any country in the world
1.2. The applicant must be a coordinator of the network (at least 5 organizations from 5 different countries)
1.3. max. grant amount is 300 000 euro

Jean Monnet projects
1. The duration is from 12 to 24 months

2. Include:

3.1. Innovative projects that explore new approaches and techniques of increasing the attractiveness of subjects related to the EU and adapted to different target groups
3.2. experience exchange projects aimed to discuss the EU and the spreading of knowledge about the EU and the processes occurring in it
3.3. projects aimed to disseminate information about the EU
3.4. The applicants are universities or other organizations that are actively engaged in the problems of the EU (except the primary and secondary schools)
3.5. Max. grant amount is 60 000 euro


All information about the next application deadlines will be updated in October 2017.