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Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) is a State University. It was established in 1996 on the initiative of the Department of education of the city of Moscow, in the status of the University it exists since 2002.
MSUPE is a young university, but nevertheless, its history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the first in Russia (at that time-the third in the world) research and educational psychological Institute was founded(today it is the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education (PI RAE).
Even at that time, the idea of integration of academic science and university education was laid in the in the basis by the founder of the Psychological Institute of G.I. Chelpanov. It is precisely this idea that became the basis for the creation at PI RAE first(1993) of the International Educational and Psychological College and then on its base, of the Moscow City Institute of Psychology and Education.

From the first day it is headed by a full member of the Russian Academy of Education, President of the Federation of Psychologists in Education, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, head of the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education, specialist in the field of developmental, pedagogical and general psychology Vitaliy Vladimirovich Rubtsov. V.V. Rubtsov - is the author of over 200 scientific works, including fundamental monographs. Many of his works have been translated into English, French, German, Japanese and other languages. For his contribution to the science and practice of modern education Vitaly Rubtsov was awarded the order of Friendship, the K.D. Ushinsky Medal He is the laureate of the premium of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation. In June 2009, for achievements in the field of education, science and a great contribution to the training of qualified specialists V. Rubtsov was awarded the order the Order "For Merits to the Fatherland» of the IV degree.

MSUPE is a unique university. Serious scientific training of students is combined with initial orientation of training on the needs of the urban social sphere and the solution of practical problems.

The first is provided by the fact that the conceptual development and content of the educational programs are carried out with the assistance of the intellectual potential of PI RAE and its specialists form the basis of the University teaching staff.

  Highly qualified specialists

Highly qualified specialists teach students in MSUPE, including 188 Doctors and 388 Candidates of Sciences. The high level of qualification of the MSUPE staff is confirmed by the fact that the teaching staff includes 4 academicians and 4 members of Russian Academy of Education, 15 laureates of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education, 14 laureates of Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of education, 3 honored workers of science of the Russian Federation in the field of education, 21 honored workers of higher professional education, 5 laureates of the award of the Mayor of Moscow, 3 honored workers of higher school 1, honored teacher, 16 laureates of the title of Honorary worker of General education, 4 awardees of Excellence in public education .

The University was created with the support of the Moscow Committee of education in order to prepare practice-oriented specialists for qualified solutions to social requests of the city in the areas of education, health and social protection of the childhood. Therefore MSUPE students during the years of study gain priceless practical skills in psychological centers and secondary schools of Moscow.

From 1999, MSUPE, PI RAE and a network of city centers of practical psychology form a single scientific-educational complex (SEC) "Psychology".
Moscow City University of Psychology and Education- is a modern University, because along with the classic, well-established methods in the learning process advanced and forward-looking education and information technologies are actively used. Powerful computers and multimedia equipment became an indispensable attribute of the educational process.

The University includes fundamental library.

The combination of a strong scientific base, practical education and great technical equipment of educational process from year to year has attracted an increasing number of entrants. Today the University has more than six thousand students and postgraduates. Training in MSUPE is carried out at the 13 Departments (including the Faculty of improvement of professional skill).

Postgraduate education is also developed in MSUPE (postgraduate, doctoral, advanced training, professional retraining, the second higher education).

Students with disabilities receive a full education at the University. Students with disabilities are trained on the Faculty of Information technology and Distance learning Faculty. The necessary conditions for education of these students are created in MSUPE, for example, academic buildings have special ramps and in the main building there are special lifts for wheelchairs. There are also specially equipped auditoriums. Much has been done in the framework of the implementation of the innovative educational program "Formation of the system of psychological education in the university as in a basic resource center of practical psychology".

It should be noted that scientific activity of the University every year is becoming more and more wide-scale: research is conducted in research laboratories, at the departments, in research and scientific centers, as well as in model resource centers: "Practical psychologist", "Child helpline", "Game and toy", "Gifted children", "Crossroad" (for teenagers with deviant behavior), University children's center and others.

The subject of special pride is that our university has become a leading educational and scientific-methodical center of practical psychology service of Moscow education. The model of practical psychology service which is used in system of the capital education, that was developed in MSUPE, was estimated in the professional community, and the experience of the University in creating regional models of psychological service is recommended for use at the Federal level and became the basis for the developed concept of the development of service of practical psychology of the Russian Federation.

MSUPE - is a dynamically developing University. Currently, the university is actually a basic resource center for psychological services, it coordinates the work of psychologists in institutions of social sphere. We prepare psychologists not only for education system, but also for the various areas of social practices, provide psychological training of specialists for various types of activities (including the work in emergency and extreme situations). All this positions MSUPE as a unique University of psychological profile, in other words, in fact, as the first in Russia Psychological University. It is currently one of the most reputable universities in the country, which is evidenced by the high competition among entrants and the demand for graduates in the labour market.

University development program is based on the following principles: integration of science, education and practice, the connection of tradition of natural-scientific approach in psychology with philosophical and humanitarian approach, the creation of a multi-level system of continuous education, training and research on our own experimental platforms and clinical bases, the formation of industrial park basing on the University District.

The University sees its main mission in the development of psychological science and psychological education in Russia, psychological awareness and raise of psychological culture of the people.

MSUPE is actively engaged in international activities. Cooperation agreements with more than 80 universities in the countries of near and far abroad are signed. The objective of this cooperation is the improvement of the educational process, improvement of the quality of training, as well as conduction of joint scientific research. MSUPE cooperates with the first University of Rome (Italy), the University of Lüneburg (Germany), the Levenshteihn Medical rehabilitation centre (Switzerland), Tel-Aviv University (Israel), Viskonsin University (Madison, United States), Faculty of Education, University of Montclair (New Jersey, United States), University of Rennes 2 – Upper Brittany (France),the Capital Normal University of Beijing (China), the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shansiz Pedagogical University and Xi'an University of foreign languages, the Mongolian State University of Science and Technology, Plovdiv University "Paìsiy Hilendàrski" and The University of Sofia , universities of Japan, Switzerland, as well as Slavic universities of the near abroad.

The exchange of teaching staff is conducted. Scientists from the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Switzerland, China, Australia, France, the United States, Germany, and Mongolia give lectures in MSUPE.

The University is working on a double degree programme in psychology with universities in other countries: France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy.

MSUPE is actively cooperating with UNESCO, organizes international seminars, and implements various projects.

MSUPE is included in the 16th Edition of the "Handbook of universities», published by the Information Centre on Higher Education, UNESCO. Complete information about the University can also be found in UNESCO data bank on higher educational establishments of the World- World List of Universities and other Institutions of Higher Education.

In 2009 MSUPE joined humanitarian Consortium countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The University participates in the Bologna process, which means and academic mobility of students and move to two-stage education system. Our students and graduates will be able to study in other countries and foreign students from Italy, Montenegro, Turkey, China, USA, Bangladesh, UK and other countries - at our University.

In the University study students-compatriots from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Moldova, Azerbaijan.

In 2007, the University became one of the 57 universities-winners in the contest of innovative educational programs of the national project "Education".

The results of the innovation program allowed the University to participate in the contest for the development of the draft of the new federal State educational standards of higher professional education in the direction "Psycho-pedagogical education". In 2009 MSUPE became the winner of the contest in this area of training.

In 2010 the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Moscow City University of Psychology and Education created Educational-methodical Association of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation on the psycho-pedagogical education.

The University is also a member of the Department of Psychology of Educational-methodical Association of Russian universities.

In 2011, by the certification Association "Russian register" the quality management system of the Moscow City University of Psychology and Education was recognised as corresponding to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. The University was awarded the certificate of quality of MSUPE management system conformity to international standard as well as to the single international standard certificate IQNet.

In 2012 MSUPE got the status of Federal innovation platform "Innovative model of EMA as the mechanism for modernization of psycho-pedagogical education in the Russian Federation" (order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation from April 10 No. 273).

In 2012 MSUPE became the operator of the Monitoring of the implementation of the National Action Strategy for Children 2012-2017 years.

In 2013 MSUPE became the developer of the professional standard "Teacher (teaching activities in the field of pre-school education, primary general, basic general, and secondary general education) (educator, teacher), which entered into force on January 1, 2016.

Journals "Psychological science and education" and "Cultural-historical psychology, published by MSUPE in 2015 were included in the ESCI index (Web of Science).

15, 2015 "Social Navigator" MIA "Russia today" with the participation of the Centre for the study of the labour market for the first time introduced the "Demand Rating of universities in Russia-2015", which included all universities of the country irrespective of form of ownership. Moscow City University of Psychology and Education became the leader of the Rating in the nomination "Humanitarian universities"

In a relatively short period of existence MSUPE acquired the reputation of a highly professional institution of higher education and became a full member of the professional educational community both in Russia and abroad.

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In 2016 MSUPE officially changed the submission from City to Federal level.
MSUPE took first place in rating of the demand for universities among humanitarian (pedagogical and philological) universities (IIA "Russia Today“)