The Center conducts fundamental and applied scientific research projects, elaborates the methodology of research work and modern methods of laboratory (instrument) experiment, implements educational and methodical activity.

The Center Staff:

  • study fundamental rules of cognitive processes;
  • investigate the functioning of mental processes in the context of communication and joint activity;
  • elaborate optimal models of human activity in the context of the «expanded» environment, rich in up-to-date informational and communicative technologies;
  • elaborate specific technical devices and software for conducting experimental research;
  • apply the new generation equipment for conducting highly competitive research;
  • fulfil research projects, answering the modern international standards.

Prospective Projects

Center staff elaborate practice-oriented projects, focusing on:

  • increasing the efficiency of the use of modern television and communicative technologies (videoconferences, polypositional observation in the mode of selective and twenty-four-hour monitoring, polyscreen systems etc.)

The project aims at evaluating the efficiency of the systems in use, giving recommendations on their perfection and elaborating programmes of teaching various techniques and methods of work in modern communicative environments.

  • teaching supervision staff interpersonal diagnostic skills based on human appearance in the case of direct and mediated perception (video and photographic images). The project aims at increasing the efficiency of visual supervision staff.

Field of Application of the Center’s Research Results:

  • organization of the activity of operators of video supervision and safety staff;
  • training of high-speed train operators, plane pilots and car drivers;
  • assessment of the efficiency of various kinds of organizational activity in particular organization of video conferences;
  • assessment of the efficiency of various ways of information presentation;
  • psychological examination of web-sites, merchandise and equipment.

Research Technologies

  • Video recording of eye movement in various modes of problem solving, types of human activity and behavior (stationary and mobile eye-tracker of the new generation).
  • Modern television and communicative technologies, ensuring information exchange and processing of the data, received from various peripheral video devices.
  • Modern psychophysiological technologies, designed for registration and analysis of human state and certain functional systems of the organism.


  • High-speed system of registration and analysis of oculomotor activity SMI Hi-Speed 1250.
  • Registration of eye movement while in calm positionin front of a computer with the help of eye trackers RED-m, particularly in paired research.
  • Mobile systems of oculography SMI HED4 and Topaz for registration and analysis of eye movement itineraries and human attention in real conditions of activity.
  • Electroencephalograph equipment (104-channel encephalograph, helmets MCScap and active electrodes actiCap) with the new generation software.
  • Set of equipment for diagnostics of human functional states (polygraph Bolero, pulsoximeterNonin XPOD, Shufrid-2007, GDV-camera).
  • System of video registration and analysis of human behavior in real situations of communication and activity (includes digital video cameras (ExtCam), miniature video cameras for placing on the client’s head (SubCam), network video cameras AXIS (OffSat)).

Educational Programmes

The Center offers the following educational programs (on a contractual basis):

  • Instrumental psychological workshop on general and experimental psychology;
  • Modern laboratorial research methods;
  • Methodology of experimental research;
  • Instruments and procedures of experimental psychological research.


The Center is interested in conducting joint scientific research, as well as in realizing scientific and practice-oriented projects on topics, relevant for the customers (on a contractual basis).


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